What’s the best way to make extra money this summer?

May 31, 2022

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Every year, thousands of teenagers and students get on their phones and search: “summer job near me”. They’re looking for temporary, part-time summer opportunities that pay well and allow enough freedom to enjoy the summer. 

Below you’ll find 15 reasons why we believe that becoming a Bolt Food courier is the best summer earner! Forget the hassle — earn on your schedule and still have time to enjoy the summer. 

Get paid weekly

Are you trying to make money fast for that upcoming music festival? Easy! 

Bolt couriers get paid weekly — you’ll automatically receive last week’s earnings in an account of your choice.

So, just put in more hours whenever you need some extra cash. Earning extra is easy-peasy with Bolt Food!

Own your schedule

Okay, now you’ve got some spending money for that music festival. But, do you need to take some days off too? Easy! 

There’s no need to ask your boss or plead with colleagues to cover your shift.

As a Bolt Food courier, you’re the boss, and you decide your schedule! Deliver as much or as little as you want and decide each day if you’d like to deliver with Bolt or enjoy the summer weather instead.

Sign up fast

You won’t need to complete endless paperwork to become a courier! All you need is a valid photo ID, a smartphone, and a vehicle to deliver with. 

Check the local sign-up page for any specific requirements that may apply, and let us know if there’s any way we can help.

Get support when you need it

Our Customer Service team is always just a tap away in the Bolt Food app. We’re with you every step and will help if there are any issues. 

But we’re confident you won’t need any help — we’ve put a lot of work into making the Bolt Food app as user friendly as possible.

Forget about previous experience!

‘Previous experience needed’. Aren’t those the scariest words you see when searching for a side gig? 

You don’t need any previous experience to become a Bolt Food courier. We believe that becoming a courier may be the perfect first side hustle to gain experience and make extra money.

Stop wasting time searching

Tired of filling out application forms only to get zero responses? Let us save you time! 

Instead of tweaking your CV and driving to interviews, you could already be earning extra money with Bolt — simply submit your application today! And if you do decide to pursue another opportunity, we won’t hold you back — there’s no need to give two weeks’ notice!

Apply with ease

As a courier, there’s no need to fight for that one role — we have lots of room! 

Bolt Food’s growing fast, so we’re constantly looking for new couriers worldwide. If you filled out your application correctly, there’s a high chance we’ll accept it. 

As we already mentioned, becoming a Bolt Food courier is quick and easy!

Onboard quickly

Forget about sitting in boring onboarding classes when it’s summer outside. 

We take pride in our onboarding process being quick but thorough. 

Onboarding usually takes only a couple of days from accepting your application to your first delivery. You better be ready to start earning right away!

Don’t worry about expensive equipment 

Some activities require you to buy expensive tools, specific clothing, or courses before you can start earning. 

There’s none of that hassle as a Bolt Food courier. If you’d like, you can just inspect your bicycle, (electric) scooter, or car to be ready right out of the gate!

If you use a bike or (electric) scooter, we highly recommend wearing a helmet, and we’ll provide you with a Bolt Food bag if needed.

Make as much money as you want

Got lots of free time? Then use it to make more money! 

The more you deliver, the more you earn — and there’s no limit to how many orders you can deliver in a day. 

You can also earn bonuses when you’re willing to deliver during peak times, weekends, late hours, or bad weather days. Just don’t forget to take breaks and days off to rest! 

Enjoy the summer, not just the summer side hustle

Nobody wants to be locked in an office on a lovely summer’s day. And, there’s no shortage of sunshine and fresh air if you earn with Bolt Food! 

Be outside during the most beautiful time of the year with the breeze in your hair, like Nicholas Cage in Con Air. 

You’ll be sure to get all the vitamin D you need. And did we already mention that you manage your schedule? Oh, we did? Well, here’s another reminder that you can. 

Keep fit

If you choose a bicycle for making deliveries, you’ll double the benefits of being a courier! 

Cycling a couple of hours a day is more than enough to keep you healthy, energised, and fit. And when you’re delivering orders, those hours fly by a lot quicker than on the treadmill.

Even if you deliver by car or scooter, you’ll get more steps than you would sat at a desk. And with all this driving around, you’ll be a Pokémon GO champion in no time! Is it still a thing? Anyone?

Discover new places

We all tend to take the shortest and most familiar way home, sometimes oblivious of what’s going on in our hometown. 

Delivering orders will help you discover the newest and hottest restaurants in town. You can scout out places during your deliveries and meet friends there afterwards!

Build confidence and character

Delivering food to unknown people may seem frightening. But stop and think how happy you were the last time you saw your favourite food arriving. Exactly! 

People love Bolt Food couriers — over 96% of the feedback Bolt Food orders receive is positive! 

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to grow and gain experience. Salespeople say that the ability to interact with people is a gift that you can later use anywhere in your life.

Start and end your day when you want

Not a morning person? Don’t stress — there’s no rush to catch the bus as a Bolt Food courier. 

Leave the mornings for your hobbies like working out or… sleeping, and start your day whenever you like! 

It’s the same in the evenings. On a particularly beautiful evening, you may want to call it a day early and meet your friends at the park or beach. Just don’t forget to bring pizza from that new place you told them about.

The list could go on, but you probably want to be making money already. 

If you’re ready to choose being a Bolt Food courier, sign up now and start earning!

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