Benefits of the Bolt Work Profile

October 13, 2022


Utilise the time spent on filling out  expense reports for your work rides with a Bolt Work Profile — a free feature in the Bolt app.

Whether you’re tired of holding onto travel tickets and receipts or just want a simple way to charge journeys directly to a work payment card, the Bolt Work Profile is for you.

Your Work Profile allows you to keep work & pleasure trips separate in an organised manner.  Simply add a work payment card so you can travel for work in comfort, and leave the expense reports to us. 

Connect an expense provider

Every time you travel using your Work Profile, you can choose for the receipt to be allocated towards your company’s expense management software. Compatible expense providers include:

  • SAP Concur;
  • Rydoo;
  • Expensify.

Get VAT receipts to your email

Each pre-filled receipt goes to an email address of your choice. These receipts are then collected into a monthly ride report.

Charge a work payment card

Creating a Work Profile allows you to add a work payment card in to your Bolt app — making it easy to switch between a work and personal card. 

Organise your travel expenses with ease

Travelling for work by taxi means getting a receipt from the driver. This can be frustrating at the best of times, but especially when you’re in a rush. 

Commuting with Bolt means that you can get out of the car as soon as you arrive at your destination. There’s no need to handle any paperwork — it’s all done for you automatically. 

Leave your wallet at home

The secret to smooth travel is carrying as few important documents as possible. With a Bolt Work Profile,  you can get around without the need to carry cash or a payment card. 

Save hours of time

Automated expenses and short pick-up times will give you more time to focus on the tasks that add value to your company.

Get your Work Profile in a few taps

If you already have the Bolt app, then you can set up a Work Profile in a few taps: 

  1. Open the Bolt app;
  2. Tap Work trips;
  3. Add your work email and payment method.

Once you’ve created your Work Profile, you can add an expense provider. Simply tap Add expense provider, then choose your company’s expense management software from the list.

The next time you’re travelling for work, think Work Profile. 

Does your company have more than 5 users with the need to travel? Get in touch to discuss how you can benefit from a Bolt Business Portal.


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