Bolt and the Kenyan government are working towards a more tech-based economy

March 15, 2020

Bolt and the Kenyan government are working towards a more tech-based economy_blog header

Before the current travel bans due to COVID-19, Markus Villig, the CEO and founder of Bolt, together with Expansion Manager Jevegni Beloussov and VP of Growth Pavel Karagjaur had the chance to visit Nairobi, Kenya. 

Working together to create a more tech-based economy

The trio, together with teammates from Kenya, met with different government officials to discuss how Bolt can further contribute to Kenya’s transportation ecosystem and economic development. Bolt’s team was accompanied by Kadri Humal-Ayal, the Honorary Consul of Estonia in Kenya.

bolt in kenya

When a while back it may have been very difficult for two countries so far from each other to work together on a common goal — think about it, one of them sits on the equator and the other one is about 4,000 miles from it — nowadays, collaboration is becoming easier and easier thanks to the immense possibilities that technology brings.

So, topics like moving towards an investment-friendly business environment, bringing more tech into the economy and improving the safety of transportation were covered during the two-day visit.

Bolt reps also met with the Ministry of Transport and discussed Bolt’s business in Kenya and its contribution to the transportation sector and youth employment.

bolt in kenya

How to become a unicorn?

Surely, one of the highlights of the visit was meeting Nairobi’s tech community at the technology innovation centre, iHub.

During the fireside chat moderated by Bosun Tijani, a Nigerian entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Co-Creation Hub, Bolt’s CEO Markus, talked about his entrepreneurship journey and answered questions from the tech community about growing couch-based small businesses into global unicorns.

bolt in kenya

Now, in a state of constant change, it’s even more important to work together to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. Side by side, all working for a common goal.

If you, too, wish to contribute and see yourself as a good fit with the rest of the Bolt team, don’t be shy — check out our Career’s page. You might be exactly who we’ve been looking for!

bolt in kenya

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