Bolt driver: learn Estonian and earn a bonus!

April 14, 2021


We’re excited to announce that it is now possible to learn Estonian for free through Bolt and thus earn a €200 bonus! Take the A2 level exam, complete the required number of trips each month and earn extra money.

A personal solution for the best results

Language learning is a dynamic process, therefore, we offer various learning opportunities. As starting and continuing this journey requires both commitment and continuity, we would like to thank you with a bonus.

First, we recommend to test your language skills on the website of the Estonian Language House. This way you can find out what your current Estonian level is.

Then pick your preferred language learning option:

  1. Register for the free Integration Foundation language courses. Read more here.
  2. Download the Speakly app or use the web for individual learning and you can use it for 3 months for free. Register as a user, select Estonian as the language you are learning, click “buy package” and select a 3-month package. Then enter the code “BOLT3”, which gives you free access to the package.
  3. Participate in the language roulette of the Estonian Language House, i.e. in a free-form discussion group. Read more here.
  4. Participate in the language cafés of the Integration Foundation, where you can communicate with other people, who are interested in learning Estonian and have fun!
  5. or any other programme that suits your needs.

For more information contact the Estonian Language House via free number 800 9999 or write them an email

200 euros for a successful graduate

In order to apply for the bonus, you must meet the following requirements in addition to passing the exam:

  1. Be an active Bolt driver, take at least 300+ trips every month while actively participating in a language course. During a pandemic, the number of trips has been reduced to 100 trips per month.
  2. Have a rating higher than 4.8 at the time of applying for the bonus.
  3. Your language studies must be at an early stage.
  4. Apply for the bonus between 01.07.2021 and 30.11.2021, having fulfilled all the necessary requirements in the previous two months.

To apply for the bonus, write us an email with the positive exam results attached.

In addition, the following will help you on your study journey:

  • A help booklet with key phrases is always available on the phone, listing the main topics of conversation between the client and the manager. Download the booklet here.
  • Bolt’s Language Buddy program. Let us know in this form if you want to get a language friend! An Estonian speaking driver would be your language friend, who will help you practise and give tips on how to improve.

Happy learning!


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