Special offer for Bolt drivers in Nigeria: Smile MiFi device

February 01, 2019

We’re glad that you have chosen to drive and earn with Bolt and you continue to choose us every day. To ensure that you always have fast & affordable internet access while driving on our platform.

We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Smile Network Limited to offer a unique MiFi device and data plan targeted at easing the data burdens of you, our amazing partners.

With this offer, you get a 15GB data plan bundled with 300 non-international voice call minutes over a period of 90 days (3 months); split into 5GB and 100 local voice call minutes every 30 days during this 3 month period.

To enjoy this benefit, you would need to make a one-off payment of N15,000 for the MiFi device which comes preloaded with the 3-month data plan. After this data is exhausted, you can top up with the exclusive Bolt Unlimited Plan that gives you 5GB and 100 non-international voice call minutes for 30 days and cost N2,500 only.

How can I benefit from the Bolt Smile MiFi offer?

You can purchase this from any Bolt offices listed below or at any of the listed Smile retail outlets.

Who is eligible for this offer?

  • The offer is available to registered Bolt Driver partners.
  • Customers of Smile Nigeria who have existing Smile devices & are registered Bolt Driver Partners can also be enrolled for this offer.

How can you get the Bolt Smile data plan offer?

The bundle will only be available via MySmile Portal which is available only to eligible Bolt Driver Partners. Bolt Driver Partners can also walk into any Smile retail outlets (shop or kiosk) to purchase the bundle or simply contact a Smile Account Manager.

What documents are required to be eligible for the campaign?

Bolt Driver Partners are required to provide a valid Bolt Partner ID to be eligible for the offer; proof of their active account. This must be shown to Smile Account Managers or Smile Shop staff.

How long would this offer last?

The offer will be an ongoing offer available to Bolt Partners.

What is the validity of the Bonus Data bundle?

The bonus data received will be valid for 7 days from purchase of the eligible bundle, This bonus data will be used before the paid data and split into daytime & nighttime usage:

  • 50% for use Anytime.
  • 50% for use between 12:01am – 5.59am

Does the bonus data rollover roll-over?

Data rollover only applies to the paid data plans and does not apply to the bonus data received. All unused bonus data will expire after 7 days from purchase.

Can the Bonus data be used at any time of the day?

Usage of the received bonus will be split into daytime & nighttime use as follows while the bonus is valid (14 days from purchase):

  • 50% for use Anytime
  • 50% for use between 12am – 5.59am

How can I check my bundle balance?

To view your usage you can either:
• Send “Y” to 343 to view the outstanding balance on the Smile Voice App.
• Log into MySmile – unique portal for checking active data plan, data balance and other account information.

Contact Smile Nigeria on 07020444444 for more information or visit the nearest Smile shop/retail outlet for assistance.

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