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Keeping you safe this rainy season

April 19, 2021

Here’s what to do in your city during this Easter break

April 01, 2021

everything you need to know about parking

Here’s how to find an ideal parking spot in Lagos

February 16, 2021

Bolt Valentine’s giveaway: show your love for Uche to win a prize

February 01, 2021

1200x628_how to order a bolt ride

How to order a Bolt ride? What to do if you lost an item? FAQ about the Bolt app

December 03, 2020

1200x628_bolt web app_how to request a bolt ride without downloading the app

How to request a Bolt ride without downloading the app

November 06, 2020

How to tip your driver after a Bolt ride

How to tip your driver after a Bolt ride

June 08, 2020

bolt free ride

Here’s how to use your Bolt promo code to get a discount

June 06, 2020

Multiple destinations Bolt

App update: add extra stops to your Bolt ride!

January 20, 2020