Bolt partnership to provide emergency escape rides for Nigerian women

June 07, 2020

Bolt partnership to provide emergency escape rides for Nigerian women

The issues of rape and sexual violence against women affect us all, regardless of gender, age, economic status or religion. They create a society of women burdened with the trauma of a war that should never have been theirs to fight.

We can ask for change or we can be the change. We chose the latter.

Bolt stands against abuse

We believe in women’s rights to their bodies. Nobody should be tricked or coerced into sexual activity. The “what’s” and “why’s” are not questions that need to be asked. We see you, we believe you, we support you. And we believe that as a society we have the ability to unite and bring about meaningful change.

This is why we’re partnering with the Women At Risk International FoundationMirabel Center and The S.T.E.R Initiative, who serve on the frontline against rape, sexual and domestic violence across Nigeria to provide emergency escape rides to victims who require transportation from unsafe places.

If you or anyone you know ever needs to use these escape rides, please contact the organisations via the links below: 



We are also working with the above organisations to create educational content about domestic and sexual violence that we will be sharing with new and existing drivers in training.

Bolt safety toolkit

We have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of sexual violence within our community of passengers and drivers. Any cases reported to us with keywords that point to a sex offence are immediately moved to the top of our priority list and are handled by our High Priority Team. This dedicated team works in cooperation with the authorities to ensure that all information required for investigations is shared.

You can report a case by:

  1. Reporting via the app using your trip history and the issue marker (rider or driver misconduct);
  2. Emailing us at

How you can help

Everyone has a role to play in this, no matter how large or small. To make a step towards a safer community, you can start with the following actions:

  • Educate yourself and others;
  • Support victims in speaking out and reporting their cases to the authorities;
  • Use your voice to hold offenders accountable;
  • Advocate for effective laws and policies that bring perpetrators to justice;
  • Donate to organisations that support victims of sexual abuse:

When you notice wrongdoing or a person in need of help, don’t turn your head and walk away. Call for help and contact the authorities.

Let’s all work together to take a stand against these abhorrent crimes and a step towards a safer community and a better life for everyone.

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