19 tips to a 5-star driver rating in Bolt

October 15, 2019

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Happy and satisfied customers are a key element to higher earnings. This is why each year we share with you some reminders on how to improve and keep a high driver rating in Bolt. From here you’ll find some good tips about customer service, safety and anything that is left between.

The theme for the year is reminding you that giving 5-star service revolves around the simple things we might forget while picking up and dropping off customers.

Pay attention to details

Every time you go on a trip, your riders pay attention to you and your car. Always dress appropriately & prepare for every trip before going online. Remember, your car must always be in perfect working condition at all times, with sufficient fuel in your tank, and your phone should be connected to a stable internet connection. At the end of every trip, always check your vehicle thoroughly to make sure riders do not leave items behind.

Keep all relevant information updated

Your profile should always have your current phone number, email address, account number, and driver’s license. If any of these change, make sure you update the information in the Driver Portal at the bottom of the settings page on your app or by contacting Support on 08032012019 or sending in a mail to lagos@Bolt.eu for the new details to be updated.

Update your active car details

Remember, you can only drive the vehicle registered on your driver account for safety and security. If you want to drive a different car, simply get it inspected and upload it via the Driver portal by clicking here. There are serious penalties for driving cars that are not registered on your account.

Do not reject card trips or demand cash

Remember, card trips are more convenient for your riders and safer for you as they help you put more money aside for Payout day and ensure you do not have to pay Bolt commission into our bank account. 

DO NOT refuse card trips or ask riders to pay you any cash on a card trip. This is a major service quality policy and will lead to severe penalties. Your current balance is paid out promptly on Mondays.

Accepting & starting a ride

Remember, when you go online it means you are ready to move anywhere within Lagos. Once you accept a request, drive to the rider’s pickup location and only call the rider once you arrive. Using your map to locate your passenger gives the rider a good perception about you and your ability to navigate. Call your rider once you are at the pickup location and always remember, MINIMUM wait time is 10 minutes! Your rider MUST be in your car before you can start a trip. Always inform the rider before starting their trip. Always give great service to avoid unnecessary complaints from riders to protect and improve your ratings. #5StarDriver”

Conduct a security check before a rider gets in the car

Whenever you arrive at the pickup point, politely confirm the name and number of the client to avoid riding with strangers. This is to protect against safety concerns and it could lead to low ratings and payment issues.

Use your navigation tools

If you are not conversant with Lagos routes, always consult your map for assistance. Ensure your phone is placed on a phone holder while accessing the map to avoid distractions.

Safety first

Safety first

As a driver-partner, your goal is simple: move riders safely and comfortably from point A to point B and earn money for it. Every other thing only helps you achieve these primary objectives. Avoid over-speeding and breaking of traffic rules. Pay attention to your environment while you drive and do not let the actions of other road users impact your driving or your mood. Always drive safely for yourself and your riders. safety and awareness are important parts of every ride.

Avoid using your phone while driving. DO NOT receive calls or reply texts whenever you’re on a trip with your rider. You should be completely aware of your environment while you’re driving, keeping your eyes on the road at all times.

Spread the love

Always give top class service to all riders, irrespective of their age or gender. Offer snacks, help with luggage. Make riders comfortable. Every good experience you deliver brings more happy riders to the platform. Happy Rider = Happy Driver! And Happy Drivers always make more money!

Conversation on Trips

Ensure your interactions and conversations with all riders remain civil and polite at all times but always avoid discussing Gender Preference, Politics or Religion. Feel free to throw in a few jokes here and there if you can; a polite sense of humor can ease up tension and make your passenger more comfortable but avoid sarcasm. Also, revert to a polite silence if the rider prefers a quiet trip. They will appreciate and rate you well for this.

Using the S.O.S Button when needed

Remember to use the SOS button whenever you have an emergency. Place your finger on the on-screen SOS button for 3 seconds and you will be connected to an emergency service number run by LASEMA. Stay safe always!

Ending a trip

When ending the trip, ensure to show the rider the fare on your phone first before swiping the “End Trip” button when on the “Confirm Price” screen. Also, remember not to collect cash on a card trip. 


Swiping the “End Trip” button when on the “Confirm Price” screen without requesting a Fare Review is a confirmation that cash has been collected for that trip or that you are fine with the displayed sum if it is a card trip.

Always remind your riders to check that all their items are with them so they are not leaving anything behind. If you find a forgotten item, try to contact the owner immediately or simply visit our office to drop off such item.

Price reviews

Price Reviews are used only when the price of a trip is higher or lower than expected or if the rider does not pay. Price Reviews are now resolved automatically so ensure to set the destination always. Learn more here

Give Feedback to your riders

Giving honest ratings and feedback will assist us to resolve matters better. To access the comment section, click on the arrow (>) below the ratings and select Others.

Feedback your riders

Reporting a problem on the app

Remember, you can easily get any information on the app by clicking on “News” and then scroll down to “Support” and choose an option to get more information on anything you need to be resolved. To learn how to report any issue, click here.

Getting refunds

Whenever your rider fails to pay or you experience a GPS issue that results in a low price, simply request a Price Review and we will ensure you get paid or get refunded for the trip. Do not engage or harass your riders for payment if they fail to pay at the end of a trip or if you experience a GPS error that causes a low or excessively high fare to be calculated. To learn more about Price Reviews, click here.

Stay up to date on debt/commission payment

Remember, owing 20,000 or more in unpaid commissions means you will no longer receive cash requests. To avoid this, make sure your debt/outstanding commission is always less than 10,000. 

Make payment with a bank deposit or transfer to the Bolt Zenith Bank Account, including your reference code & send your proof of payment to lagos@Bolt.eu Bolt TECHNOLOGY NIG LTD. 1015255841 Zenith Bank Payments will appear in your balance within 24 hours.

Stick to the Code of Conduct

Delivering 5 Star service in an honest manner is our watchword. Please do not participate or encourage these sorts of actions: 

    1. Account Impersonation
    2. Sending rude SMS messages to Passengers or 
    3. any form of FRAUD.

 These actions have severe consequences up to and including permanent deactivation and legal action.

Remember to rest

Remember that we always want you to earn as much as you can on the platform but it is important to balance rest and work hours. If you choose to work all day, make sure you get enough rest at night. Alternatively, you can rest during the day if you choose to work at night. If you feel tired at any point, go offline and get some rest! Driving tired is as bad as driving drunk! 

If you’re up to the challenge of being a 5-star driver and helping riders in your city move smart sign up to drive on Bolt.

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