World Cleanup Day at Bolt: 17 countries and hundreds of volunteers

September 23, 2019

bolt at cleanup day

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 157 countries across the world for a cleaner planet. This year, Bolt teams from 17 countries volunteered to glove up and dedicated their Saturday to clean up our planet. 

For starters, here are three yes and no questions.

  1. The last time you went for a walk in your city, were the streets spotless?
  2. Do you do everything to reduce the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis?
  3. Do you consume everything you buy?

That’s quite a wake-up call, right?

Sadly, we’re in a state where giving straight out yes-answers to these type of questions is more of an exception than a norm.

Buying things we do not need, not taking proper care of our waste and living in the “I’m only one person, my actions don’t have a big effect anyway” frame of mind, has caused our planet to fill up with rubbish. Ocean animals get stuck and die in plastic, forest animals have built homes in used tyres and birds have their stomachs filled with cigarette buds and human waste.

Anyone can pick up trash. So why don’t we do it?

Team Tanzania at World Cleanup Day

Team Tanzania at World Cleanup Day

Together for a cleaner world

World Cleanup Day’s story began in 2008, right where ours did, in the small, humble Northern European country of Estonia. You can look it up, later. It’s pretty small, so you’ll need your glasses!

A small idea-seed has now grown into a worldwide initiative, uniting millions of volunteers on a green wave across our whole planet. All for one and one for all, a common goal in mind — a better and cleaner living environment for everyone, no matter the size or species.

This year, like many before, Bolt was there, too. From Kenya to Mexico, Finland to South Africa – teams from 17 countries helped out, cleaning their cities and giving back to the community by doing so. We’re really proud of you, honey badgers!

Team Czech Republic at World Cleanup Day

Go green!

2019 has been big for us in many ways.

We’ve expanded our service to the UK and Kazakhstan, launched scooters and Bolt Food. But there’s one thing that makes us particularly happy and proud — all European Bolt rides are now carbon neutral. And that’s only the start. We also have a Green Plan in place to do our part in fighting the climate crisis.

So, whenever you need a ride, go for the greener one. Choose Bolt.

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