What’s it like to work at Bolt?

April 05, 2019

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Know the exciting and energised feeling when you’re about to do something big? That’s exactly how entering Bolt’s headquarters every morning feels.

Packed with inspiration and excitement, productiveness and fun go hand in hand in Bolt. Top talent giving 101% in everything they do – building the flagship of transportation or blowing off some steam on a ping-pong tournament.

So, what’s it like to work at Bolt?

Moving things forward fast

Bolt is the 3rd fastest-growing company in Europe according to the Financial Times.

You won’t make it there without having an exceptional team solving world-class challenges.

In 2019, we have already hit the streets in 20+ new cities across Europe and Africa, launched new product categories (did you spot the Bolt Food announcement?), and changed our name from Taxify to Bolt.

So how do we find all these amazing people able to navigate such rapid growth?

Top talent from all over the world 🌍

Bolt HQ is located in Tallinn, Estonia; and close to 300 people work here, 121 of them from abroad. Often, people join Bolt from other top tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. We believe in hiring only the best, even if at times, this means hiring slower. Every person in the company is on top of their game so more gets done with less.

The latest joiners to our team include the former founder and CEO of a successful software company ZeroTurnaround, Jevgeni Kabanov; and Johan Bergqvist, formerly VP of Corporate Finance and Treasury in Spotify. (Read more here.)

bolti vabad töökohad

The honey badger way

No individual person could change the way millions of people move in cities around the world. It takes a coordinated team effort to make big changes happen.

To keep the information moving between tens of teams in 20+ offices around the globe, we’re all into Slack, Confluence, Jira, and a list of other teamwork tools. To us, Slack is a place for work-related discussions as well as chats about Friday night events, “Bad Movie Nights” and keeping the office as green as possible.

Every Monday, Bolt’s team from all around the world gets together at an all-hands meeting to share the biggest updates and meet the new-joiners.

Twice a year, we gather for a company summit. This year, our Winter Summit was held in Portugal, where about 400 people participated in seminars and workshops oriented on management culture and self-development. You can read more about it from here.

And the honey badger? Yes, it’s pretty badass.

Flexibility is the key

Let’s be honest, our work is very demanding.

Operating in a highly competitive and fast-developing industry as ride-hailing, you never know what might happen in a month, week, or even a day. We literally launch new products in less than a month…

All this requires very quick adjustment and resilience from the team. Yes, it is not always possible to leave work at 5 pm, but on the other hand, Bolt team members are given a lot of freedom. We trust people to get things done, be it by working 4h per day or sometimes going the extra mile and staying in office for a 12h marathon – whatever works for the person and the teams surrounding them. If you work hard, you play hard. There’s an opportunity to do a restart to your brain from time to time, either challenging someone in a game of ping-pong, playing Xbox or taking a break in the kitchen.

bolt vabad töökohad

In the end, it is all worth it because there is no other tech company in Europe that has recently grown at such a speed, offering so much responsibility, growth and international experience.

And if reading this article made you excited about joining the ride, check out 100+ job openings across 20+ countries.


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