The people behind scooter creation and maintenance — meet our Warehouse Operations team

August 08, 2022

The people behind scooter creation and maintenance — meet our Warehouse Operations team

Micromobility has won the hearts of many, and it’s gaining momentum. There’s a high chance that you’ve seen Bolt’s bright green electric scooters and bikes.

But have you ever wondered who makes sure our scooter operations run smoothly?

It’s our Warehouse Operations team — they’re responsible for changing the way people move around cities by fixing, developing, and deploying environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. 

Edrian Griškun (Central Operations Specialist), Mehmet Deniz (Lead Mechanic), and Kyriakos Giazitzidis (Fleet Operations Lead) shared what it’s like to work at Bolt’s warehouses, what a typical day looks like, and what motivates them. 

Landing a job at Bolt

“I was helping the Bolt Scooter team in the summer of 2019 when they launched in Tallinn for the first time. I got a part-time position for summer, leaving for the army in the autumn. While in the army, I received a message from my manager who offered me a full-time job after the army, and I said yes,” says Edrian Griškun, who started his career path as a Mechanic. 

“I moved to a busy city and could never find a parking place. I used Bolt scooters almost every single day. At some point, I decided that if I could ride them for free thanks to the ride credit that each Bolt employee receives, I could sell my car, which I did in the end,” says Mehmet Deniz, who preferred the more traditional way of applying for a job. 

He applied for a Mechanic position and got an invitation for an interview, followed by a job offer within a couple of weeks.

Mehmet Deniz

A regular day at the warehouse 

For Edrian, his typical day consists of scooter maintenance tasks: changing tyres, soldering wires, and adjusting brakes. He’s now at the level where he can fix 30 scooters in one day! 

And even though it may seem like routine work, he says it’s never been boring: “The technology is changing so fast, and you can always expect something new to come out — that’s what makes micromobility fun and interesting.” 

The day of a Lead Mechanic looks a little different: “Most days I begin in front of my laptop while commuting to the warehouse,” says Mehmet.

He takes care of inventory management and makes sure that every warehouse is supplied. “I’m constantly in contact with my team to ensure everyone’s work runs smoothly.” 

Mehmet dedicates time to checking warehouse health and safety measures, such as the condition of fire extinguishers and battery charging racks. He also needs to ensure his team has the necessary safety equipment to perform their job. 

“Although there’s always a lot of work in the warehouse, we always find time for food, coffee, and fun conversations,” says Kyriakos Giazitzidis. He enjoys being around his colleagues and says they motivate him daily. 

Motivation equals success 

Seeing the bigger picture and how your work supports the overall company’s mission is a massive drive to further growth. 

“It’s incredible how much people in the company are motivated to make cities greener and easier to commute,” says Edrian. Even though people who work at Bolt are of different cultures and backgrounds, they still all work towards the same goal.   

“Having such a diverse community of people and seeing how everybody works as a team is truly motivational,” says Mehmet. 

Indeed, being around unique people motivated to help the company grow and seeing how you contribute makes you want to develop professionally even further.

Challenges that keep you motivated 

Challenges stimulate growth and lay a solid foundation for further growth. Luckily, Bolt employees know that and take each challenge as an opportunity for personal development. 

“I joined Bolt in 2020, and it’s been quite an intense run for me. I started as a Mechanic, then was promoted to Senior Mechanic, then Interim Lead Mechanic, and now I’m a Central Operations Specialist. This motivates me to aim higher and see where else I can get,” says Edrian. 

Kyriakos Giazitzidis, Fleet Operations Lead, also sees his promotion as an exciting challenge: “The most challenging aspect for me was being promoted from Fleet Operations Assistant to Fleet Operations Lead, and managing the whole Frankfurt area.”

Kyriakos Giazitzidis

Work hard, play hard

In addition to work, Edrian, Mehmet and Kyriakos also have plenty of exciting hobbies. 

“I have a lot of hobbies: ice hockey, hiking, camping in the forest, running, riding a scooter around the city, and video games. I play ice hockey four times a week and participate in matches,” says Edrian. He also keeps up with the NHL and KHL hockey leagues.

Edrian Griškun

Kyriakos is also into sports: “I love basketball and cars”.

In his free time, Mehmet is into reading, video creation, and 3D editing, and recently he started to learn to program. 

A sneak peek into Bolt’s warehouses

Bolt has around 150 warehouses across Europe. There are two central warehouses located in Portugal and Poland, and the rest of the warehouses are located in multiple locations across the continent.

Central warehouses help with logistics and inventory and act as hubs for the rest of the warehouses, where the actual action takes place — building and maintaining our fleet. 

This setup was created for several reasons: 

  • It’s cost-efficient;
  • It makes international logistics easier;
  • It’s more environmentally friendly.

Tips for becoming a Bolt Mechanic

You may be surprised, but this is something you can learn on the job. “Of course, you have to know how to use a drill, but you can learn more advanced stuff on the go — the more you do it, the better you get at it,” says Edrian.

“If you enjoy repairing and fixing things and like to work on electrical or mechanical devices, this is the job for you,” says Mehmet. Also, if you’re ready for a new challenge and happy to work with a team of fantastic and amazing people — Bolt is the place to be!

“Just think about it — without you, there wouldn’t be any scooters on the city streets!” concludes Kyriakos.

Reasons to join Bolt’s Warehouse Operations team

Bolt is a fast-paced company with a mission to build cities for people, not for cars. Developing and deploying environmentally-friendly electric vehicles is at the heart of this mission.

Here’s why joining Bolt’s Warehouse Operations team may be the perfect opportunity for you:

  • Without your work, e-scooters and e-bikes wouldn’t exist;
  • At Bolt, we build our scooters in-house, meaning that you’ll get the chance to work with new types of scooters every season;
  • You don’t need the most sophisticated mechanical background — as long as you enjoy being hands-on and proactive. Instead, we value drive and motivation;
  • You’ll work in a fast-paced environment that will allow you to remain active.

Join Bolt!

There are more than 800 people in Bolt’s Warehouse Operations team located in Estonia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland.

If you’re interested in urban mobility and new technologies and want to join a company aiming to transform the sector, head to our careers page!


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