The dream move — meet Pavel Chulkov, Talent Sourcer at Bolt

December 21, 2021

Life at Bolt

Earlier this year, Pavel Chulkov (and his family) relocated from Russia to Estonia after he joined Bolt as a Talent Sourcer.

How was the process of relocating a family? And how does Pavel find Bolt’s company culture now that he’s joined the team?

Getting ready for moving day

Pavel and his wife had always dreamed of moving to the Baltics or Scandinavia one day. 

So, when the chance came up to join one of Europe’s hottest unicorn startups, the answer was simple — a big YES!

Despite concerns about how his two girls would find the flight to Tallinn, there weren’t any other worries thanks to the work of Bolt’s Relocation Team. 

Before Pavel’s big move, the team was on hand to guide him and his family through every step of relocation — from preparing visa and border crossing documentation to arranging flights and temporary accommodation on arrival. 

With a dedicated Bolt contact on hand to answer questions, (and with flight and accommodation costs covered), the family could focus on getting ready for the move!

Life At Bolt

Since arriving more than 3 months ago, Pavel’s been busy settling into his role as a Talent Sourcer.

Given Bolt’s hyper-growth trajectory and our universal mission of making urban mobility more affordable, safe and sustainable, this means finding the right candidates no matter where they are in the world. 

It’s this autonomy that Pavel’s been enjoying since arriving at Tallinn HQ. With Bolt’s ‘Act like an owner’ operating principle, he’s been able to prioritise what needs doing, how to do it and the tools needed to achieve it — without micromanagement along the way. 

And many other Bolt employees would agree. After all, what’s important is the result, not necessarily how you got there. 

Another big plus for Pavel is how he’s been able to allocate his time for the greatest results. Currently, that’s spending 90% of the time on candidates, and 10% networking and scheduling interviews with recruiters. 

A home away from home

Despite the ease of relocating, leaving home can always throw up certain challenges and anxieties. For Pavel and his family, the major concern was leaving parents behind — particularly with COVID-19 travel restrictions in place. 

But on the whole, the pros have definitely outweighed the cons. Firstly, Pavel’s been able to find a higher standard of accommodation here in Tallinn. 

The city itself is ideal for a family — minimal traffic, a historic city centre, and plenty of entertainment options. And perhaps the biggest bonus is that Pavel’s previous 90-minute commute has been cut to 10 minutes which frees up time for hobbies and spending time with the family. 

The biggest surprise of settling into Tallinn’s Kristiine district is just how green everything is and how much it feels like the countryside (despite being just 10 minutes to the city centre). 

Pavel managed to find this property with further help from the Relocation Team. They supported his house search by setting up viewings and looking over the property contract to make sure everything was in order!

Building a future in Tallinn

Although it’s impossible to know what the future holds, what’s certain is that Pavel and his family are happy to have made the move to Tallinn. 

And getting to work on a product that he believes in and wants to succeed is the icing on the cake.

If you’re interested in a 10-minute commute, building a platform that makes our cities move better, and living in a ‘countryside city’, then check out our latest vacancies!

And remember, if you don’t live in Estonia, then worry not! Our Relocation Team is here to make your move as smooth as possible — just like Pavel’s.


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