The Bolt Wrap-Up: your 2022 highlights

December 19, 2022


For the past three years, we’ve dedicated December to celebrating our users and their stories that made the year special. This means one thing – The Bolt 2022 Wrap-Up has arrived! 🎉 

In this year’s recap, we’re not only revealing your longest trips and favourite meals, but we’ve also asked our best engineers and finest fortune tellers to identify what your stats say about you. We’ll reveal your mysterious Bolt character for the first time in history. 🔮

But before we get into that, let’s see this year’s highlights.

They rode, they scooted

Millions of people rode with us in 45+ countries, but one person went the extra mile (or several hundred miles, to be fair) by taking a Bolt ride for 175 km

We don’t know what kind of adventure they embarked on, but if they repeated the same trip every day, it would take them roughly 228 days to travel around the globe. Bolt Roadtrip 2023, anyone?

We discovered some other pro riders, too. 

Like the person who requested a Bolt ride 2,301 times in 12 months. That’s six times a day – more often than Formula One drivers get to practice. Here’s a champagne shower for Mr. or Miss Boltstappen out there.🍾

The longest scooter ride was 29 km. We believe that there are two possible explanations for this: 

A. That person hates traffic jams as much as introverts hate small talk.
B. That person got caught in what is known as ‘the zone’ – a feeling of energised focus and enjoyment ignited by a super lovely breeze in your face while you’re scooting through life like it’s golden.

They’re a five (out of five)

There are over three million Bolt drivers around the world. 96% got a five-star rating this year, but none received as many five stars as Jaroslav from Slovakia – an impressive 6,903. ⭐️

It was a big year for female drivers, too. Compared to 2021, we had 78% more women driving with Bolt. There’s still a long way to go to close the gap, so that will be a big focus for us next year.

They had their burger and ate it, too 

If you ordered a cheeseburger on Bolt Food on 30 November, you did two of the most popular things this year. That date was the day with the most Bolt Food orders, and the cheeseburger was the most popular food choice of the year

For us, this means a gentle petition to move National Hamburger day from 28 May to 30 November. (Yes, we might be taking this holiday too seriously.)

Now, a riddle before we continue: 

What is green, 96% water, and a top order on Bolt Market? 

If you were thinking of cucumbers, you were right – these crispy sources of freshness were the most ordered vegetable this year. (If you were thinking of celery, you’re unfortunately clearly mistaken).

Even the strangest shopping list of the year entailed some of them:

  • Four cucumbers 
  • One croissant and… 
  • 17 light bulbs. 💡

To whoever ordered this on the evening of 2 February – we hope you accomplished whatever it was that you set out to do.

Show us your stats, and we’ll tell you who you are

Can a mobility app really give you a character evaluation? 

You tell us. 

We asked our engineers, algorithms, and fortune tellers to devise a Bolt Character Evaluation. For the ultimate moment of truth, open your Bolt app and check out your 2022 Wrap-Up. 

Are you adventurous, or are you kind? Or is it another, an even more accurate personality trait of yours? (We sure hope so.) 

Your chance to bag a fair share of Bolt credits 💸

And now, the cherry on top of the Bolt Wrap-Up cake. 

Sharing your favourite wrap-up stats on your Instagram stories can end up with a pretty sweet amount of Bolt credits sent your way. Check your local Bolt Instagram account for all the details.

Kick off 2023 as someone who’d text their friends “No stress; I can pick you up in a Bolt if you want”. Go on, open the app and get going.

PS. We’re running the Bolt ride credit giveaway campaign in Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Uganda, United Kingdom, Ukraine. Tapping on the country name will lead you to the local Terms and Conditions.

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