Taxify gathers in Cape Town for Winter Conference 2018

March 08, 2018


Originally a small start-up from Estonia, Taxify has skyrocketed in the last two years to become one of the fastest growing ride-hailing companies in the world and a truly global place to work. Our team has grown to over 450 people across 23 countries and 55 nationalities.

At the end of February a part of our team gathered in Cape Town for Taxify Winter Conference. The event brought people together to South Africa, one of our top markets, to discuss product roadmap, solve customer issues, share learnings, work on our culture and create bonds between teams.

The result? Tons of workshops with our customer support, operations and engineering teams. A joint attack on customer support tickets. Lots of exchanged knowledge and best practises. Awesome views of the Table Mountain. Socializing, more socializing. And most importantly, the inspiration to get ready for an epic 2018.

We’re in the middle of the largest revolution in transport since cars were first introduced over a century ago. The companies who will emerge from this revolution will be the ones that define how future cities look like and change the world to a better, more connected place.

Taxify has the potential to not just be a ride-hailing service, but the brand that is synonymous with moving around in the city – by car, by bus, by bike or even a self-driving pod in the future. To get there, we need the inspiration and the power that comes from getting the company together and focus on the challenges. We are ready for the journey!


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