Say hello to our new CFO, Johan Bergqvist

March 28, 2019

CFO Bolt Johan Bergqvist

Johan Bergqvist, formerly VP of Corporate Finance and Treasury of Spotify, joined Bolt as our new Chief Financial Officer. 

6 successful years at Spotify

During his Spotify career, Johan helped the company scale from a few hundred to approximately four thousand employees. He has been a part of the core team that listed the Swedish company on the New York Stock Exchange at $30 billion valuation, making it the highest-valued European tech startup at the time.

His educational background includes Law at Stockholm University and Finance at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Heart and soul in tech

In this new role, Johan will be responsible for all aspects of Bolt’s growth, including finance, legal and regulatory, people and culture, and fundraising.

Markus Villig, Bolt CEO and co-founder, said: “I am very excited to have Johan on board – he has an impressive experience, having raised over €2 billion of funding to Spotify and helping the organisation grow from hundreds to thousands of employees. We will continue Bolt’s fast growth to new countries and cities in Europe and Africa, therefore it is invaluable to have a CFO with strong fundraising background.”

“My heart and soul is invested in the European tech scene, so the opportunity for me to join Bolt on its journey to become a truly global leader within the mobility space is something I am really thrilled about. Bolt is already expanding fast, and I’m happy to bring my experience to help further accelerate the company’s growth,” commented our hero of the day, Bolt CFO Johan himself.

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