Rules for electric scooters and bikes — ride responsibly, park responsibly

July 21, 2022

electric scooters and e-bikes rush hour

E-scooters and e-bikes are proving to be ideal car alternatives for short trips. But as more people adopt these environmentally-friendly transport modes, it’s important that we get parking right. 

While using your e-bike for grocery shopping is better than a car ride, dumping it in the middle of the pavement isn’t. 

Parking correctly helps all members of society. And at Bolt, we want to make sure you know how to park to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other riders.

Why should you care about responsible riding and parking?

You might be wondering what the big deal is about parking anyway.

Well, can you imagine walking on a pavement filled with poorly parked e-scooters and e-bikes? Our pavements should be safe and accessible spaces for all pedestrians — where people aren’t forced to navigate badly parked scooters to get where they’re going.

According to our data, 23% of Bolt scooter collisions involved pedestrians. The pavement is a shared space for everyone, so we should all be mindful of others’ safety when riding and parking scooters or e-bikes. 

Can you ride a bike on the pavement? Yes, depending on your local traffic safety rules. Should you be inconsiderate and cause harm to fellow cyclists and pedestrians on the pavement? Absolutely not. 

An inconvenience and danger to others 

An incorrectly parked scooter or bike is an inconvenience and a potential hazard for pedestrians and riders. Just because you’re free to ride around on the pavement doesn’t mean you can leave a scooter or bike lying in the middle of the floor, blocking access for others.

Doing so poses problems for everyone — and especially those with limited mobility. Park your e-vehicle in a way that doesn’t block pathways or access points. 

Eye sore 

Lastly, keeping our cities clean means ensuring the streets aren’t littered with rubbish or badly-parked scooters! 

As we’ve said before, parking correctly is a true art. Just like Marie Kondo inspired us to declutter our houses of useless objects, we should take control of our streets by parking correctly. 

What are we doing to ensure safe parking?

Designated parking zones 

To make sure you get the most out of your riding experience, we’ve installed charging docks across the city. These docks solve two issues at once — parking and charging. 

Every time you park a scooter with a low battery at one of these docks, you’ll receive a €0.50 discount on your next Bolt scooter ride.

If you want a dock like this in front of your house or nearby, please fill out this form.

Promoting safety through campaigns 

We take road safety seriously! And one of the ways we promote road safety is through campaigns, like our ‘Nedėk skerso’ campaign in Lithuania (translated as ‘Don’t block the pavement with your scooter’). 

The campaign focused on the importance of preventing obstruction for pedestrians and other forms of transportation. Interestingly, inspiration for this campaign also came from irresponsibly parked scooters. 

We also released a scooter safety campaign to help you be a commute hero and a scooter parking guide to help you master the art of parking.   

escooter parking

Encouraging users to be vigilant 

As Bolt e-scooters and e-bikes become more popular modes of transport, responsible riding is a crucial issue for us. We introduced the Safety Toolkit to encourage riders to be vigilant on the streets. 

The feature includes four elements:

  • Beginner Mode limits the maximum speed allowing you to learn how to ride a scooter safely;
  • How to ride tips for beginners;
  • Safety tips for responsible and safe riding;
  • Local rules reminding you about local micromobility regulations.

Lastly, we work with cities to educate people about road safety and promote the importance of cleaner and greener cities. 

How can you keep the streets clean?

Follow traffic/parking rules

Following traffic and parking rules is essential to ensure the safety of yourself, commuters, and pedestrians. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when parking your e-scooter or e-bike:

  • Find a designated parking zone in the Bolt app;
  • Park in a way that the scooter/bike is easily accessible for the next rider;
  • Don’t block entrances, pathways, private property, or access ways; 
  • Park on a flat surface.

Be vigilant 

Remember to be vigilant at all times when riding. Most accidents happen when we’re not paying attention to our surroundings. Remember to ride on designated biking/scooter paths, and avoid tandem riding and wearing headphones!

Test out your parking skills

Take Bolt e-scooters and e-bikes for a spin and try out parking correctly for yourself! 

Try our scooters today and reach your destination safely! 


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