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June 08, 2022

Employee checking the details of their Bolt work taxi on their phone

Are you looking to book rides for your clients, contractors, and employees? Then you need Ride Booker.

With Ride Booker, you can book rides on the same day or up to 15 days in advance — helping to transform how you manage your company’s work rides.

You can start using Ride Booker today by signing up with Bolt Business. And you can find out how to get the most out of it in this article. 

What is Ride Booker?

Ride Booker is an essential tool for booking rides for your employees or people outside of your organisation — either right away or ahead of time. 

You make the travel arrangements and choose a vehicle type that suits your budget — Basic, Premium, or many more (depending on the country and availability). Your passenger will then get an SMS containing the journey details — they don’t even need the Bolt app to travel. 

You can pay by monthly invoice or automatic card payments, helping to save admin time and free your team from the hassle of filling out expense reports. 

To start booking rides, you’ll need a Bolt Business Team Account. Once you’ve signed up, you can use Ride Booker in your dashboard or via the Ride Booker web page

Why use Ride Booker?

Ride Booker gives you the power to arrange essential work rides for other people. It makes a nice perk for your employees and can help to impress your clients when they visit your office. 

With Ride Booker, you can:

  • Schedule rides up to 15 days in advance;
  • Book rides in other cities and countries;
  • Set multiple stops on a single journey.

And you’ll get an accounting-friendly report of all the trips made with your Bolt Business account. 

How to use Ride Booker

Bolt Business account admins can access Ride Booker from the Bolt Business dashboard or the Ride Booker web page. Once you’ve logged in, you can book a ride by following these steps: 

  1. Select New ride and follow the onscreen instructions;
  2. Enter the passenger’s details, including a phone number with a country code;
  3. Enter the pickup address and destination, or add multiple stops;
  4. Schedule the ride for a specific hour, or make a flexible booking the passenger can activate at any time on the given date;
  5. Choose a vehicle type (this list will change based on the city);
  6. Click Request Bolt.

If needed, you can cancel at no charge up to one hour before the ride.

Bonus tip: Add an expense note to make matching rides with internal costs easier. And write a message for the driver if you think there’s anything they should know about the journey.

Ride Booker being used to book a work taxi from a laptop

How passengers take the ride

When you book a ride for someone, we’ll send them an SMS. This SMS contains all the journey details. If it’s a flexible ride, the SMS will include a link for the passenger to tap when they want to activate the ride. 

Once the passenger is on their way, you’ll be able to see their estimated arrival time. 

Flexible and scheduled rides: what’s the difference?

The rides you book through Ride Booker can either be flexible or scheduled. Scheduled rides arrive at a set time, while a flexible ride gives the passenger control over the pickup time.

Flexible rides

A flexible ride allows passengers to travel at any time on a chosen day. Passengers can activate the ride at any time on the selected date by tapping a link within an SMS — this link will only work on the date of travel. 

You’ll find that this reduces any need to cancel existing bookings or make new ones if travel plans need changing.

Scheduled rides

Booking a scheduled ride means the passenger needs to be at the pickup location at a set time. 

You set the journey date, time, and pick-up and drop-off locations. Then an SMS is sent to the rider as soon as we’ve matched them with a driver. 

This SMS contains all the ride details, and they’ll be able to identify the driver by the car model and licence plate number. 

Managing your rides

Choose Future Rides in the menu to see all your booked trips, including flexible and scheduled rides. From here, you can check:

  • When the booking was created;
  • The rider’s name and phone number;
  • The driver’s details (after they’ve been matched to the ride). 

Log in to your Bolt Business dashboard to see all previous journeys and invoices.

Join Bolt Business to schedule work rides

To use Ride Booker, you’ll need a Bolt Business account. 

Bolt Business makes it easier to manage your team’s work rides. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to Ride Booker and the Bolt Business dashboard. Your dashboard is where you can add your team, set spending limits, and track all journeys taken by your team. 

Sign up with Bolt Business today to schedule work rides for your team.

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