102 productive things you can do in 15 minutes

July 06, 2022

productive things to do in 15 minutes

Grocery shopping is something only a select few enjoy. It’s tedious, tiresome, and takes a lot of time. Other than the snack aisle, there’s little to enjoy. 

Thankfully, with online grocery shopping, you get items dropped at your door (in as little as 15 minutes with Bolt Market!)

So that gives you a spare 15 minutes while you wait for your groceries. Instead of aimlessly wandering supermarket aisles looking for coconut milk, you get to crack on with something productive! 

It might not seem like it, but you can cram many productive things into 15 minutes. 102 things, in fact! 

Read on as we list the activities perfect for filling this awkwardly small amount of time:

1. Make another order 

Did you forget toilet paper or toothpaste? Bolt Market to the rescue!

2. Set the table 

All ready for you to cook up a storm.

3. Order takeout  

Can’t bear to cook? Order from the restaurants you love.

4. Clear out your wardrobe

If you can’t remember when you last wore it, it’s time to go!

5. Walk the dog 

Don’t go too far; your delivery’s nearly here!

6. 7-minute workout

A 7-minute workout. 8-minute recovery. Just the way we like it. 

7. A laundry load

You don’t have to go shopping, so tick a different chore off your list.

8. Take a power nap 

Set an alarm and get some shut-eye.

9. Watch TV

Get some cooking inspiration from Hell’s Kitchen. 

10. Order dessert 

How could you forget? 

11. Play a board game 

Anything but Monopoly. We don’t have the time. 

12. Meal plan 

Curry tonight, dumplings tomorrow.  

13. Change into sweats

If you’re wearing jeans at home, you’re doing it wrong.

14. Homework 

If you finish it now, you can eat in peace.

15. Feed your pets 

Your furry friends want a feast, too!

16. Water your plants 

It’s a wonder they’re still alive.

17. Stretch 

If you stretch enough, you can make extra room for food. 

18. Shower

Get nice and formal for the feast.

19. Snack

A snack before the groceries arrive is okay. We’re not judging. 

20. Video games

The Super Smash Bros loser has to cook dinner.

21. Make a TikTok

The next dance craze will be born in your house. We can feel it.

22. Shave

No leftovers hanging around in your beard.

23. Daily horoscope

What’s on your horizon? Tasty food, perhaps?

24. Call your friend 

Organise a dinner party with your fully-stocked kitchen.

25. Book a trip 

Your pasta has got you dreaming of Italy, hasn’t it?

26. Listen to a podcast 

Catch up on hot topics and murder mysteries.

27. Paint a masterpiece

Sell painting. Order more food. Repeat. 

28. Change the lightbulb 

How long has that light been out for, anyway?

29. Make a cocktail or mocktail

Everything’s better with an ice-cold drink.

30. Check the weather 

Which day’s best for a BBQ?

31. Track your order

Warning: staring at the screen won’t make it come faster.

32. Check your email 

You never know, there might be some coupons.

33. Clear the driveway 

Clear the snow during winter so the driver can reach your door. 

34. Write a poem 

Write it for yourself or recite it to your neighbours.

35. Online shopping

Did you know the internet is for more than ordering food?

36. Scroll socials 

Distract yourself from hunger by… looking at other people’s food?

37. Paint your nails

Dazzle people around you with a cute design.

38. Dance to a playlist 

Honey, Honey (Abba) and The Ketchup Song (Las Ketchup) are essential.

39. Think of something to do

15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to be indecisive. 

40. Solve a Rubik’s Cube 

It would take 137 billion years to solve with random moves. You have 15 minutes.

41. Read the news

It’s never a bad idea to catch up on the latest news.

42. Clean the windows

You can’t get a good view of your delivery bag with dirty windows. 

43. Unsubscribe from emails

87 Black Friday emails are too much.

44. Create a bucket list  

Hail a Bolt and yell “FOLLOW THAT CAR!”

45. Read celebrity facts

Hugh Jackman used to be a clown for kids’ birthday parties.

46. Brush your teeth

Don’t forget to floss!

47. Attempt a world record

The most socks put on in 30 seconds? 28. Beatable? We think so.

48. Complete your daily Wordle

‘Ramen’ is a good word to get you started. 

49. Selfie session 

Bonus points if you have an animal nearby.

50. Sudoku 

Casually completing a sudoku. We see you. 

51. Keep checking the time

Twenty seconds have passed since you last looked.

52. Read a book

A chapter from a cult classic, or maybe a graphic novel.

53. Scrabble 

Food-related words only! Psst, ‘zucchini’ scores big.  

54. Organise the cookbooks you’ll never use

At least they look pretty.

55. Choose a movie to watch

We can’t take any more Netflix scrolling. 

56. Watch sports highlights

There’s always a game on somewhere.

57. Boil an egg

The rest of your salad ingredients are coming.

58. Rehearse what you’re going to say to the courier 

So you don’t reply “You too” to the courier’s “Enjoy!”

59. Build a pillow fort 

Nachos in a pillow fort just hit differently. 

60. Pet your cat

15 minutes of strokes, all for your four-legged friend.

61. Revise for tomorrow’s exam 

Nothing beats some last-minute revision. 

62. Yoga 

Roll out the mat and recharge your batteries.

63. Find an Instagram filter for your dinner

It’s all about the lighting.

64. Take an online personality quiz

Which Simpsons character are you? Krusty the Clown?

65. Meditate

Things can get a little stressful. Food is on its way. Life is good. 

66. Clean out your fridge 

You were never going to eat that kale, were you?

67. Breathing exercises 

Strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve blood pressure. 

68. Write a love note

“Would you like to come over for dinner today? xx”

69. Crossword

If you hit a dead-end, your delivery driver might be able to help.

70. Tend to your garden 

Your vegetable garden might need harvesting.

71. Search the sofa for coins 

All that loose change could pay for your next order.

72. Find a new job

You need not look very far

73. Change your sheets 

A post-meal snooze on fresh sheets. Bliss. 

74. Learn something new 

Now I Know’s daily newsletter makes learning easy.

75. A one-mile run

Squeeze in a light one-mile run.

76. Practice a second language

You can’t avoid the Duolingo bird forever. 

77. Conspiracy theories

Have you ever seen Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley in the same room? Just saying. 

78. Sign up for a class

Spaces are still open for that pottery class you wanted to join!

79. Random act of kindness 

Order some essentials for your neighbour or give your driver a grateful tip.

80. Test your world knowledge 

GeoGuessr drops you somewhere in the world. Can you guess where you are?

81. Find a recipe

What to do with all those groceries?

82. Write a to-do list 

You’ll get started on it after your food arrives… right? 

83. Convince yourself all of that chocolate was necessary

Eating what you want is the best part of being an adult.

84. Pick up an instrument

“Ah, the guitar I bought five years ago but never played.”

85. Freeze foods that are turning bad

Bananas and strawberries can be saved for smoothies!

86. Drink water

There’s even time to infuse it with cucumber or lemon.

87. Thank whoever’s credit card you used

God bless you, dad. 

88. Sign some online petitions 

Start a campaign or pledge support to a movement that matters. 

89. Call your mum

Only if she’s not much of a talker. You’ve got 15 minutes, remember?

90. Face mask

Glowing, youthful skin, here we come! 

91. Watch a TED Talk

Fill your time with ideas and inspiration.

92. Ab workout 

The protein bars are on their way! 

93. Vacuum

It’s been longer than it should have been. Where is it, anyway? 

94. Donate food

Make a pile of non-perishable food to donate to charity.

95. Clean the oven

Sparkly clean for your cooking. Gordon Ramsey would approve. 

96. Reset your living space

Repeat after me: “Feng Shui.”

97. Boil pasta

Your marinara sauce is on its way, so get the pasta ready. 

98. Prep lunch

Meal prep is the best adulting hack. 

99. Make cleaning products

All you need is white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. Really. 

100. Clear phone storage 

That “Storage Full” pop-up gets a little annoying after a while.  

101. Stare out the window until your food arrives 

Remember to dive behind the sofa when your driver pulls up. 

102. Read this list

Your food is probably here by now. Check the door. 

Bolt Market – more time for productive things

If you want to squeeze more productive things into your daily schedule, use Bolt Market to get groceries delivered fast. 
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