From intern to Junior Social Media Specialist — meet Sabine Krais

April 19, 2022


Sabine Krais is a Junior Social Media Specialist who initially joined Bolt as a Social Media Intern. 

How did she land an internship at Bolt? What’s been her most exciting project? And what does she think about Gen Z in the world of work?

Read on to hear more about how Sabine turned an internship into a permanent role and her many hidden talents!

The path to marketing

In addition to working at Bolt, Sabine’s also currently studying at Tallinn Economics School to become a marketing specialist. 

After finishing secondary school, she wasn’t exactly sure what to do next. One option was to pursue her singing passion, but Sabine decided it was more a hobby than a career. 

She then got inspired by friends who’d been studying marketing and decided to shadow at an advertising agency. She instantly understood that this was the right career path.

Landing the right internship

During her studies, Sabine was required to complete a month-long internship. After writing to various companies, she received little to no response. But through her network, she knew someone working at Bolt and asked about internship opportunities. 

A few months later, he passed on details about a TikTok role in the Social Media team that Sabine applied for.

For the role’s homework, Sabine had to find three different brands on TikTok that were successful in her opinion and why. She then needed to produce videos that could feature on Bolt’s TikTok page. And after an interview with the team lead, Sabine was offered the internship role!

“I think that during the hiring process, be it tasks or interviews, you need to show your creative, fun, and wild side because Bolt doesn’t have boring people. Everyone is so cool and unique!” says Sabine.

Going viral

For the internship role, Sabine’s top priority was making TikToks. She also had some extra tasks related to Ads Manager, which are now her full-time responsibility. The internship was supposed to last three months but was then extended until the end of 2021. 

After three months of TikToks, the account went viral, so Sabine was tasked with pushing out more TikToks! 

And at the end of the year, Sabine was offered the chance to join the team as a Bolt employee.

“I couldn’t be happier. I’m truly thankful for my supportive team because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

My parents called asking if I got the job, and I told them that we’d talk about it at home. So, when I arrived home, they were clearly worried. I sat them down and told them to call me a Junior Social Media Specialist! My dad opened the champagne, and we celebrated”, says Sabine.

Now in her permanent role, Sabine’s still responsible for Bolt’s TikTok account but also looks after boosting posts in Ads Manager, monthly reports, and whatever else comes her way. 

And once Sabine completes her studies, she’ll be ready to take on even more responsibilities!

A closer look at Sabine’s favourite and most challenging projects

Sabine’s favourite shoot for Instagram and Facebook was for a Halloween video, where she played the scary pumpkin traffic man. 

“It was so fun and cool to do, and it looked crazy good after. After the video was live in different countries, I was so amazed that I even showed the same video in different languages to my parents — a shoutout to them too!” says Sabine.

Sabine’s most challenging time at Bolt was when she first started and needed to learn different systems and processes. She was worried about making mistakes, but in the end, it was asking questions that got her through.

“To all the newbies out there, don’t be scared to make mistakes. Things happen! And don’t be scared to ask. I once asked my manager so many silly questions that I felt she was so done with me, but now I know the drill”, says Sabine.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

In her first marketing based role, Sabine’s been surprised at how great Bolt’s work culture is. 

“There are so many friendships here, and the company is like one big family. Because of that, there aren’t any days when I don’t want to go to work. Every company should be like this!” says Sabine.

And it’s her immediate team that she’s most thankful for.

I’m so grateful for my team — they’re unique, helpful, and fun to work with. We’ve had so many good times together, both in and out of work, which I will never forget. They’re always there for me, even when it’s not work-related. And damn, they do give good advice”, says Sabine.

Destined for stardom

When not devising the latest TikTok trend, Sabine finds plenty of other avenues for her creative habits. In the past, she sang, danced, acted, and was president of the youth council and vice-president of the student board. 

But it’s music that’s stayed with her since then. 

Sabine has studied piano and graduated from music school. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s now studying vocal techniques at a singing school in Tallinn. Talk about multi-talented!

And although she still sees herself at Bolt in five years, she’s not against something taking off in her music career too.

The Gen Z myth

When it comes to Gen Z and the workplace, you might often hear over-generalised opinions that Gen Zs are entitled or know-it-alls. And as a 21-year-old, Sabine has something to say about that…

“Gen Z isn’t the snowflake generation, as others say. (Okay, some people might be, but not everyone). Yes, we’re independent, but we’re ready to work for the benefits we seek. And, of course, we communicate online — this is 2022 — everything’s online. 

We want change, and we want to be more involved. Older people often don’t trust youngsters and don’t want us to get involved, but then they say we’re lazy or snowflakes!” says Sabine. 

And reflecting on her and her friends’ thoughts about work, Sabine says that a hybrid flexible working approach is important but that the possibility to learn, grow, and earn a competitive salary is the most important. 

Ultimately, people don’t want to work just for the sake of doing work — they want to grow and love what they do.

Sabine’s top internship tips

We asked Sabine’s advice for those considering an internship and how to parlay this into a permanent role. 

  1. “If you’re not sure about something, then ask. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It shows that you’re interested in learning and growing.

  2. Don’t be scared to share your own opinions and take responsibility.

  3. If you like the workplace, then throw yourself into the experience, and enjoy it to the fullest!” says Sabine.

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