Meet Glo, the ultimate car beacon designed by Bolt

April 01, 2019

Bolt Glo

Remember walking on the street, trying to find your Bolt driver? It’s not always that easy, especially at night time and crowded areas.

We hear you! Today, on April 1, we’re introducing Bolt Glo – the smartest way to find your ride.

With Glo, the lights are always shining. Order a ride, go out on the street, and notice your car in a glance.

Seeing multiple cars with a Glo beacon shining? We’ve got you! The first time you are paired with a driver with a Bolt Glo beacon, you’ll be prompted with a notification to set the beacon color. Navigate to the color selector mode and choose a color to display on your Bolt Glo.

Still can’t see your ride? Check this out! Tap on the “Ring” button in the app for Glo to play a tune recognisable from afar. Soon, in collaboration with a digital music service, you’ll be able to select between 50M songs for Glo to play your latest favourite track.

Combining the cutting-edge lightning technology with advanced sound system, Bolt Glo is the only car beacon to take full advantage of the power of your smartphone. By light. By color. By sound.

For brighter, smarter rides.

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