How to get management approval for Bolt Business

August 05, 2022


Bolt provides millions of people globally with an affordable, reliable, and safe way to get around cities. You can bring those benefits to your company to improve how your team travels for work. 

You may already use Bolt for work rides via the Bolt Work Profile. If not, that’s a simple way to separate your rides for leisure and business within the Bolt app. But there’s also the Bolt Business Team Account which makes business travel management easier for your company as a whole.

To make that happen, you need buy-in from stakeholders. That means presenting:

  • Bolt Business’ benefits;
  • Proof that other companies are benefiting; 
  • Data to show how Bolt Business can cut travel costs.

You’ll get all of that (and more) in this article.

What is a Bolt Business Team Account? 

Bolt Business is a free tool that admins can use to control, manage, and pay for employee ground travel — all from an easy-to-use dashboard

You can create a company account in minutes. And once set up, account holders can add employees who need to travel for work. 

Controls for those journeys can be set at an individual or team level, covering pick-up and drop-off locations, travel time, and spending limits.

Your team can travel for work using the Bolt app with travel rules in place. The company will be listed as a payment method, and as long as the ride meets company travel rules, they’re good to go. This allows employees to travel easily while the company has complete control.

Why Bolt Business?

Bolt Business is an affordable, reliable, and safe way for teams to travel for work. The company controls the travel, and employees can book rides as and when needed. Teams that ride with Bolt Business benefit from:

  • Affordable work rides;
  • Full control and visibility of all journeys;
  • Zero expensing hassle;
  • An easy-to-use dashboard;
  • Global coverage;
  • A safety-first approach to travel.

Affordable work rides

Bolt rides come with a competitive price in every country. This could save your business money at home and abroad that you can invest in more valuable areas.

“We are grateful to Bolt for providing an affordable and user‑friendly platform for our company rides. They make it easy!”

Maarja Lainas, Head of Client Service at ALD Automotive

Full control and visibility

Admins have full control and visibility of work rides taken by all employees from the Team Account dashboard. From the dashboard, it’s possible to set spending limits, pick-up and drop-off destinations, and eligible modes of transport. Employees can only ride in a way that’s approved by the company. 

Admins can download detailed reports of all company travel that cover total costs, distance travelled, and when employees took rides. You can then break these reports down by individuals, teams, or the business as a whole.

No expensing hassle

After travelling for business, getting back to the office often means filling out work ride expense reports. Expensing journeys takes up valuable time. It also means that employees have to hold onto their receipts. 

With Bolt Business, ground travel expense reports are fully automated. Losing time filling out business travel expense reports is a thing of the past.

“With Bolt Business, our employees can focus on value-creating activities and not on the administrative hassle that comes with expense reporting.”

Taavet Hinrikus, CEO and co-founder at Wise

Easy to use

Account holders can control, manage, and view rides taken by every employee from the easy-to-use dashboard. You can do everything you need in a few clicks, and our support team is ready to lend a helping hand.

“With Bolt Business, I can follow my employees and do my service rotations from one kitchen to another in one click! Bolt is in line with what we expected from Dark Kitchen — an easy-to-use service, an employee-friendly interface, and ultra-responsive customer service.”

Pauline Jeunot, Head of People at Dark Kitchen

Global coverage

You can travel with Bolt in 45 countries around the world. And with a growing network of drivers — which currently stands at 2.5 million — you’ll never be waiting long for a ride. 


Safety is at the heart of everything we do. All Bolt drivers are insured, security vetted, and GPS tracked. 

All e-scooter rides are covered by Personal Accident Insurance and Rider General Liability Insurance and feature a first-of-its-kind tandem riding prevention system.

“We at O’Learys like Bolt Business a lot. It is easy to use for team members and gives a great history overview for managers. There are always enough cars, so each team member gets home safely.”

Jane Uibo, Service Manager at O´Learys Baltics

Bolt Business in numbers

With all the benefits of Bolt Business in hand, now all you need is to back them up with some numbers. 

Save hours of reporting time

The hassles that often come with travelling for work don’t end when you get back to the office. 

This is the point when employees lose valuable time filling out ground travel expenses from crumpled-up receipts. The time spent doing this adds up to 4,000 lost hours each month for businesses with 1,000 employees.

The expense reports for all Bolt Business rides are fully automated and delivered to account admins. That’s a lot of time your employees will save filling out expense reports.

2.5 million drivers

Bolt’s global network of drivers is always growing. That means your team will never be waiting long for a ride — wherever business takes you. 

45 countries worldwide

When business takes your team across borders, there’s no easier way to manage that than with Bolt Business.

Team members can continue to use the Bolt app for business travel in 45 countries without worrying about currencies or language barriers.

“It’s great that we can use the service seamlessly both locally as well as internationally when travelling for business.”

Taavet Hinrikus, CEO and co-founder at Wise

Carbon neutral business rides in Europe

45% of consumers seek out companies that act responsibly for the environment. This is a huge audience, and it’s growing all the time. Your company can do its bit for the environment by travelling with Bolt across Europe as all rides are carbon-neutral.

In some countries it’s also possible to travel by electric scooter or e-bike — both of these are climate-positive!

95% of drivers are rated 4.9/5

Bolt drivers are the best in the business. And we’re always doing everything we can to improve the service, which is why drivers get such high ratings from customers globally. 

~30,000 businesses

Your company would join the thousands already moving forward with Bolt Business.

“We’ve been using Bolt Business for several years to make sure that our team gets to their late shifts and back home safely. The application set-up is really easy. It takes seconds to add or remove names and change preferences in the tool.  The customer support has always been easy to reach and all of our enquiries have been managed fast.”

Berit Vals, Head of Compensation & Benefits, Veriff OÜ

Take your company forward with Bolt Business

All that’s left to do is sign up. You can create an account for your company in minutes that gives you access to a Team Account dashboard.

Once you’ve added your employees and set how they can travel, everyone benefits — employees, teams, and the company as a whole. 

Take your business forward by signing up with Bolt Business today.

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