How to report a poorly parked scooter

November 23, 2022

Reporting a scooter via app

While helping municipalities adopt micromobility as a greener transportation option, we’re also addressing the issues that micromobility has posed since its rapid global rise. And one such issue is, of course, poor scooter parking.

The importance of a properly parked scooter

Although existing observational studies have found that improper parking is infrequent among bicycles and scooters and more common among motor vehicles, every poorly parked scooter is a safety risk. This is especially true for people with sight loss and/or reduced mobility who need pavements to be clutter-free. 

Since the launch of Bolt scooters in 2018, we’ve been promoting good parking habits by introducing scooter parking guidance, launching Bolt charging docks, and educating our riders.

How to park a scooter correctly

Studies on improper scooter, bike, and car parking suggest that user behaviour and parking practices improve as time and experience progress. 

But we believe that perfection knows no limits. So here’s a quick overview and reminder of what to remember when parking a scooter:

  • Use a designated parking zone or available bike rack;
  • Lower the kickstand to keep the scooter vertical and prevent it from falling over;
  • Leave the scooter somewhere the next rider can easily reach it;
  • Consider your surroundings and use common sense — find a location that doesn’t obstruct access or cause inconvenience for others;
  • Park on a flat surface to ensure your and the next rider’s safety.

And here are the biggest mistakes to avoid:

  • Blocking a pathway;
  • Leaving a scooter on private property;
  • Parking at a bus stop;
  • Blocking emergency exits;
  • Leaving a scooter lying on the ground.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll master the art of parking correctly

And if you want to master another helpful skill, if you see a poorly parked scooter, report it so we can take care of it. 

How to report a poorly parked scooter

Through the Bolt app

Reporting a poorly parked scooter means our teams can act immediately to remove it. Here’s how you can do it via the app:

  1. Open the Bolt app;
  2. Tap the triangle with an exclamation mark in the bottom left corner;
  3. Choose the issue you’d like to report.

Through our web page

In case you don’t have the Bolt’s app installed on your mobile device, there’s an easy way to report a scooter online. Here’s how:

  1. Head to;
  2. Tap Products and choose Scooters;
  3. Tap Report Scooter.

Done! You’ve just improved your city’s streets and contributed to its tidiness and image.

Ready to try out some correct parking?

Next time you need to get around town safely and affordably, you’ll know exactly how and where to park. Plus, you’ll be able to report any two-wheeled friends in trouble. 
Try out our scooters today and get where you need to go safely. And, of course, please park correctly!


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