Eight fun things you can do in one hour

July 04, 2022

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The supermarket — a destination filled with stressful parking situations, long check-out lines, and time spent searching for missing items. It’s not exactly a spa day!

The average grocery store visit takes 41 minutes to complete. When you factor in travel, shoppers can quickly eat up one hour of valuable time. 

Over a year, that becomes a serious chunk of time wasted at the mercy of the grocery store. Let’s change that. 

No matter how much we might want to, not all of us can eat out every night. So this makes grocery shopping an inescapable task.

Bolt Market lets reluctant in-store shoppers get groceries without stepping foot in a supermarket. Do you know what that means? You gain an extra hour to do something fun!

Here are a few fun things you can do with your newly acquired hour.

Bake something new

Baking’s a fun activity that we rarely have time for. Let’s face it; it’s often easier to add sweet treats to our grocery orders

And although homemade creations might not always look as good as shop-bought bakes, there’s something rewarding about seeing through a bake from start to finish.    

When we finally find time to bake, we usually return to recipes we’ve used a million times. 

Next time, go crazy and try something new: doughnuts, macaroons, biscotti, the list goes on!

Watch Marley & Me (the fun part)

This highly-rated romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson has less than a happy ending. For the sake of our one-hour time limit (and saving yourself from the emotional heartbreak), let’s cut out that ending!

One hour into the movie, Marley, a cute dog of unwavering loyalty, is the glue to a loving family unit. Why would you want to ruin this with a devastating finale? 

In our mind, Marley and his family live happily ever after.

Catch up on sleep 

How well do you sleep? 

Chances are, not very. Studies show that more than half of adults don’t get enough sleep. 

Surprising, right? We’re all aware that a peaceful night’s sleep is important, but few of us manage to get the seven to nine hours that the National Sleep Foundation advises

So, here you are, an entire hour free for you to snuggle back into bed and work your way out of your sleep debt. Enjoy!

Watch the best-rated TV episode of all time

Time for some TV? There’s no better place to start than the best-rated TV episode of all time

You’ll fondly remember the Ozymandias episode if you’re already a Breaking Bad fan. You might have only just emotionally recovered from its tragic intensity.

The episode marks the dark point of no return for our much-loved protagonist, Walter White, and is filled with revelations, each more shocking than the last.

It’s an intense episode that will keep your attention for the full 48 minutes. 

You can use the remaining twelve minutes to cool down, digest what you’ve just seen, and dive into Reddit fan theories.


Thirty minutes of exercise per day is all it takes to improve your physical and mental health. 

Whether you choose a light run, intense walk, bicycle ride, or weight lifting, it’s entirely up to you. 

You don’t need to use the full hour for the exercise itself. Take thirty minutes to build up a sweat and thirty minutes to stretch, catch your breath, shower, and drink a protein shake.

Listen to a 60-minute album

Who needs an alarm when you can listen to an album that totals precisely 60 minutes? 

Sitting in the Billboard 200 for more than 250 weeks, Blonde, Frank Ocean’s critically-acclaimed second studio album, is a captivating one-hour experience. 

You may have already fallen in love with this magical album, but a return visit is never unrewarding. No wonder it’s considered the best album of the 2010s.


Shopping for groceries might be something you want to avoid at all costs, but shopping for a new outfit and shoes? See you there! 

Wandering around the shopping centre and treating yourself to some new items you don’t necessarily need makes you feel good — there’s a reason they call it retail therapy! 

Don’t have enough time to visit your nearest shops? Check out some online sales.

Read The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 

“I have no time to read” isn’t going to cut it with this book. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the most gifted storytellers in American literature, with over 150 short stories, each digestible enough to finish within an hour! 

High on the list of his most cherished short stories is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a fantasy satire about the ageing process. 

You may know it well from the 2008 movie remake. Now it’s time to pick up and enjoy the strange and haunting book! 

Fill your days with more fun

This list doesn’t scratch the surface with all of the fun things you could be doing with one hour gained. 

To add more fun time into your day, download the Bolt Food app and get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep.

No stress or hassle, just more time for you to do whatever it is you do best. Give Bolt Market a try today. 

Read more about Bolt Market and dark stores.

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