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March 03, 2020

Business person getting into a Bolt work taxi.

Manage your company’s ground travel with Bolt Business — all without the hassle of filling out expense reports. 

Travelling with Bolt Business gives your team a reliable, safe, and cost-effective way of getting around. And because we offset the emissions, all business rides in Europe are carbon-neutral — helping you achieve your sustainability goals. 

Get to know Bolt Business

Bolt Business makes it easier to manage your company’s ground travel — whether you’re a solo player or managing a team of 1,000+ employees. 

You can add employees, set spending limits, and adjust travel rules from a single user-friendly dashboard. 

Once added, employees will see the company as a payment method in their Bolt app, giving them a simple way to arrange a reliable, safe, and sustainable way of travelling — without straying from the rules set by the company.

Easy management for employers. Reliable travel for employees. 

A note for businesses of 1–2 people: automate your work ride expense reports with the Bolt Work Profile.

What your company stands to gain

Using Bolt Business will transform the day-to-day lives of your team. The ease at which they can arrange travel brings higher levels of motivation, productivity, and engagement. 

And this is how:

  • Cut your travel costs;
  • Take complete control of your team’s ground travel;
  • Monitor all journeys;
  • Win back the time lost to expense reports;
  • Enjoy dedicated account management;
  • Achieve your sustainability goals;
  • Get around safely day and night;
  • Travel in 45 countries and 500 cities.

For more detail on these benefits, read on.

Cut your travel costs

Bolt rides come at a competitive price in every market — and there’s complete visibility of how much a journey will cost ahead of time. 

If an employee plans to take a journey that will take them over their spending budget (set by the company), they won’t be able to travel. Your team’s business travel will always come in on budget, making it possible to invest in other areas of your team’s working lives.

Take complete control of your team’s ground travel

From your dashboard, you can add employees who need to travel for work. And using the bulk upload tool, you can add employees one-by-one or all at once. 

After adding your team, you can set travel rules and spending limits on an individual or team level. These rules of travel can include: 

  • Spending limits;
  • The means of transport;
  • Days and times when travel’s permitted.

Any time a trip doesn’t meet the travel policy, the traveller won’t be able to charge the ride to the company. 

Track all travel

From the dashboard, your admins can see all business travel, spending, and expenses at the click of a button. See the total spent, who made the order, and when it happened — giving you complete visibility. 

No more expense paperwork

The time it takes to fill out expense reports adds up. 

A team of 100 people loses 400 working hours to expense reports each year (according to the GBTA Foundation).  

Travelling with Bolt Business removes the need for employees to waste time filling out travel expense reports as they’re fully automated. After every trip, a pre-filled digital receipt goes to an email of your choice.  

Dedicated account management

Some companies are almost impossible to contact. If you manage to get through, you’re often left speaking to a robot.

Bolt Business clients aren’t treated this way. 

Our dedicated account management team gives you a direct point of contact whenever needed. Any time you have a question or need some support, you know who to contact and can be confident of a complete response. 

An account manager greeting a client with a handshake

Safe transport day and night

Bolt business rides are available 24/7 — which means you can make it easy for employees to get home safely after a night shift.

When travelling, your team can use the safety features in the Bolt app, which include the ability to share your arrival time with a colleague.

Travel in 45 countries and 500 cities

Travelling over borders can throw up several problems: 

  • Unfamiliar transport; 
  • Different currencies;
  • Language barriers.

Solve them by giving your team reliable, safe, and efficient journeys wherever business takes them with Bolt Business. As soon as they arrive in a new country, your team can get a ride by opening the Bolt app. It’s as simple as that — no waiting in taxi queues or risk of being overcharged.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Every business needs to address travel to achieve its sustainability goals. Steps you can take include:

  • Building a sustainable mobility plan
  • Encouraging workers to take alternative forms of transport;
  • Partnering with sustainable mobility companies.

You can tick all of those boxes with Bolt Business. 

How to use Bolt Business

With Bolt Business, your company can:

  • Manage everything from the dashboard;
  • Choose how the team travels;
  • Arrange travel in advance with Ride Booker.

Manage everything from the easy-to-use dashboard

Your Bolt Business dashboard is your easy-to-use hub for managing all ground travel. Here, you can add employees, set travel rules and spending limits, and keep track of all trips.

Choose how your team travels

Your team can access many work travel options, including comfortable Bolt rides or climate-positive electric scooters. As the admin, you choose the methods of travel your team can take. 

The growing network of security-vetted Bolt drivers stands at 2.5 million and counting. This gives your team access to a range of vehicle types, including:

  • Electric;
  • Premium;
  • Extra large. 

And any business rides your team takes in Europe are carbon-neutral as we offset the emissions — making it easier for you to build a sustainable travel policy.

Electric scooters and bikes

Riding a Bolt electric scooter or e-bike is ideal for shorter commutes during the summer months. They’re reliable, safe, and built to the highest standards, making them a great alternative to driving. 

They’re also efficient as all electric scooters are climate-positive. Being climate-positive means riding one helps remove more carbon from the atmosphere than is generated — even better than net-zero.  

Bolt Drive

The costs of managing a fleet of company cars continue to rise. Alternatively, some employers pay their team a car allowance — but this doesn’t save you from rising costs. 

Turning to Bolt Drive gives you all the benefits of a fleet of company cars without having to buy. From the Bolt app, your team can see the cars available to drive in their area — including electric and hybrid vehicles — and get behind the wheel. Once they reach their destination, they can park up and forget all about it. 

The rental price covers everything, including:

  • Fuel;
  • Insurance;
  • Maintenance.

You can currently rent a Bolt Drive car in Tallinn, Estonia.

Arrange travel in advance with Ride Booker

Book rides for your team, clients, and guests on the same day or up to 15 days in advance with Ride Booker

Either schedule a ride for a set time or give the rider more flexibility by allowing the passenger to take the ride at any moment on a set date. 

  • Book rides in 500 cities across 45 countries;
  • Add multiple stops to a single journey;
  • Select the car type — including electric, large, or premium.

After arranging transport, the traveller gets an SMS containing the ride details and a link to activate the ride. This means you don’t need to worry about them having the Bolt app. 

Improve your team’s ground travel today

Whether you’re looking for a sustainable, reliable, or cost-effective ground travel partner, then Bolt Business is the service for your company. 

To sign up, go to our Bolt Business sign-up page and follow the instructions. Your business account will be ready to go in minutes.

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