Gelateria La Romana: boosting employee retention through travel

September 20, 2022


Gelateria La Romana has been serving gelato to customers across Europe since 1947. And being in business for more than 70 years has shown that employee loyalty is vital for success.

Cristian Moldoveanu, National Director of Romanian stores, noticed the team had to make long commutes to and from work. In a bid to boost employee retention, he decided to take action.

Now the team travels with the reliability, comfort, and safety of Bolt Business — which has boosted employee retention and reduced their travel costs by 15–20%

In this article, Cristian shares his experience using Bolt Business.

Meet Gelateria La Romana

Gelateria La Romana’s journey began in Rimini, Italy. A passion for making gelato with the finest ingredients led to them opening successful stores worldwide. 

Their gelato embodies “tradition, research, innovation, and emotion,” all of which have helped build a dedicated workforce too. And to give workers an additional reason to be happy in their roles, Gelateria La Romana turned to Bolt Business.

Boosting loyalty through travel

The team at Gelateria La Romana are passionate about gelato. But they didn’t have as much enthusiasm for their commutes.

“I made the decision to use Bolt to give the company’s employees another reason to stay in the business. Most of them live at a great distance from the location where they work,” explains Cristian Moldoveanu

To add even more flavour to this story, Gelateria La Romana had been using another mobility partner. 

That was until a colleague of Cristian’s introduced him to Bolt Business, and he signed up straight away: “I didn’t think twice and decided on the spot to start the collaboration with Bolt Business.

“I was convinced by the online platform, where you can easily manage your company account, and the very good costs in relation to the quality of the services. You can do anything just from your phone!”

Cristian’s instincts have proven strong as the company has seen:

  • Improved staff retention;
  • A 15–20% reduction in travel costs;
  • Workers save 30 minutes a day as expense reports are automated.

“From my point of view, being a Bolt customer for many years, this company offers the best quality services and the best price-quality ratio.

Following the sustainable path

As well as employee wellbeing, running the business sustainably is also important to Gelateria La Romana

They consider the environment in their day-to-day activities and have introduced biodegradable and compostable packaging for their products. 

This makes working with Bolt Business perfect as all business rides in Europe are carbon-neutral

Increase employee retention with Bolt Business

If your company is considering a new mobility partner, Cristian Moldoveanu has some advice: “Say ‘yes’ to Bolt Business without hesitation.”

Sign up today to improve your team’s experience when travelling for work. 

Thanks to Cristian Moldoveanu from Gelateria La Romana for contributing to this article.

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