Bolt Business Coupons: reward your team and customers

March 13, 2023

Bolt Business Coupons

Reward your employees and build customer loyalty by rewarding them with Coupons for discounted travel with Bolt. 

You can make as many Coupons as you need, set spending limits, and track usage from your Company Dashboard.

Bolt Coupons are good for business

By creating Coupons with Bolt Business, rewarding your employees and delighting your customers is easier than ever.

Show team members they’re valued with a free Bolt ride or send discounts to customers.

Reward your team

Giving Coupons to your employees shows their work is appreciated, helping to boost motivation, engagement, and productivity.

Give your customers the VIP treatment

Get your customers to come back to your service time and time again by offering Coupons as incentives.

How to use Bolt Business Coupons

You can make Coupons from your Company Dashboard by clicking Coupons from the menu on the left-hand side. From here, you can create Coupons, track their usage, and cancel them. 

To make new Coupons, select Create Coupon and fill in the details: 

  1. Give the Coupon a name;
  2. Select which country the Coupon can be redeemed in;
  3. Choose a start date and time;
  4. Add an expiry date and time.

You can also add an expense note for internal accounting purposes.

Next, choose the number of Coupons you wish to create (they can either be made individually or in bulk) and set a spending limit. Each Coupon can offer a percentage discount or save the user a specific amount.

You’ll then see a record of all the Coupons created, the total spent, and the status: upcoming, active, cancelled, or expired.

Join Bolt Business today

Coupons are just one of the benefits you get with Bolt Business. 

You can also manage your team’s ground travel, food orders, and groceries from your dashboard — saving your team from the hassle of filling out expense reports. 

Start treating your team and customers to Bolt Coupons today by signing up with Bolt Business.


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