Bolt e-scooters: perfect for warm weather commutes

June 13, 2022

Colleagues travelling to work on Bolt scooters

Commuting is the perfect time to enjoy the weather during the warmer months. But many people are missing out, sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Bolt scooters are a fast, affordable, and environmentally-friendly car alternative for summer. And with Bolt Business, companies can pay for their team’s scooter rides to help them arrive at the office motivated for the day ahead. 

Why commute by Bolt scooter?

Up to 70% of Bolt scooter rides are used as part of a daily commute (based on rides taken between 7:00 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. in all countries) — a clear sign that workers are seeking alternative ways to get to the office. 

Electric scooters can be used to cover all, or part, of a journey — 40% of Bolt scooter rides end near a public transport stop — and riding one helps to:

  • Improve air quality;
  • Reduce congestion;
  • Cut CO2 emissions (Bolt scooters are climate-positive). 

What does climate-positive mean?

All Bolt scooters are climate-positive — meaning that we remove more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted during production and maintenance. 

They’re a far more efficient alternative to cars with a single passenger and use even less energy per person than an electric car carrying three people.

Source: Wired

What’s it like to travel for work on a Bolt scooter?

Many employees, contractors, and freelancers use Bolt scooters to travel for business. And those leading companies have realised the benefits too.

This includes Roman, the Producer and Co-founder of Vita Pictura in Tallinn, Estonia.

“I often use the Bolt scooter service in Tallinn to get to business meetings.

With a scooter, you have more flexibility. You can take smaller alleyways to get to your location quickly and park in front of your destination.

I feel more awake by the time I get to work, and on hot summer days, it’s nicer to feel the wind blowing rather than sitting in a cramped car.”

Allow your team to travel by Bolt scooter

You can give your team permission to travel for work by Bolt scooter from your Bolt Business dashboard. They’ll then be able to hop on a scooter for shorter trips to the office or client meetings and charge the ride to the company. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your company’s Bolt Business dashboard;
  2. Go to Policies;
  3. Select the policy you wish to change (or add a new one); 
  4. Scroll down to Limit by supply type;
  5. Add a tick next to Rentals.

This will mean your team can ride Bolt e-bikes for work too.

Get to work on two wheels

To give your team a fast, efficient way to travel for work, sign up with Bolt Business today

Bolt Business is the easiest way to manage work travel for employees, clients, and contractors. Admins also have complete control over spending limits, destinations, and time of travel. And scooters are just one of many modes of transport available to your team: 

  • Work rides (get picked up by a Bolt driver); 
  • Premium work rides; 
  • Bolt Drive

Working towards sustainability in business is a high priority for many companies. And using Bolt Business makes it easier to achieve those goals. 

Plus, it makes a great employee perk that will help to attract and retain top talent, too.

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