Bolt’s micromobility services to improve connectivity in Neukölln

July 15, 2022


Located in south-east Berlin, the district of Neukölln is home to several business parks with a variety of businesses. Thousands of people enter the district daily, making it a hub of activity.

Such a high traffic volume requires a reliable and effective transportation system to ensure people can get where they need to go efficiently. 

However, these business parks are poorly connected to existing public transport infrastructure. Workers, therefore, require a first and last-mile solution to complete their commutes quickly and without relying on private cars. 

A new micromobility solution 

To solve this problem, we partnered with the district’s mayor and economic development agency to bridge the gap and connect the business parks to public transportation infrastructure with micromobility solutions. 

Our research shows that up to 70% of Bolt scooter trips are used as part of a daily commute, and 40% of trips end near a public transport stop. This makes scooters the ideal solution for connectivity problems, and they also help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

From June 2022, we’ve extended our operational area in Berlin to include five business parks in Neukölln. These parks consist of industrial and commercial sites with approximately 27,000 employees. 

After the expansion, the usage rate of our micromobility vehicles increased significantly compared to other areas outside of the inner city.

Shaping the future of Neukölln’s transport connectivity

Such a positive response from users confirmed the need for our services in business parks and the project’s success. These results have encouraged us to continue offering our services in the area indefinitely and even led us to increase our fleet size to meet growing demand.

To further promote the use of micromobility in the area, we launched marketing campaigns through online ads and discount vouchers attached to vehicles.

Shortly after the launch, the district mayor met with the Bolt team to try our micromobility solutions. They discussed the pilot’s initial findings and additional steps that can be taken to integrate micromobility solutions into local mobility infrastructure. 

Improving connectivity in this part of Neukölln hasn’t just addressed the city’s needs. It’s also helped local businesses attract new employees, as an efficient transport system is one of the main requirements for many when choosing a workplace.

What’s next?

We’ve already increased our fleet size in the area and will continue to monitor customer feedback and usage data to optimise our services and vehicle availability.

Our next goal is to expand our services beyond the Berlin Ringbahn and roll out additional e-scooters and e-bikes in other outer areas in Berlin. 

News of the pilot’s success has already caught the attention of media outlets such as the Berliner Morgenpost and even made it to the official website of the city of Berlin. 

We hope that other Berlin districts will follow Neukölln’s example and implement micromobility solutions to improve first and last-mile connectivity for residents in an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective manner.

Join our green initiative!

If you also wish to be a part of our journey and contribute to a greener world, try Bolt’s eco-friendly and climate-positive service. All you need to do is download the Bolt app and get going!


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