Bolt’s micromobility services are now live in 100 cities

June 02, 2021

Bolt e-scooters

We’re delighted to announce a significant milestone: you can now rent Bolt scooters and e-bikes in 100 cities across Europe!

These 100 cities have become home to more than 130,000 e-vehicles, which makes us the largest provider of affordable, safe and sustainable mobility in Europe. And as the leading European transportation platform, our focus is on driving greater scooter adoption to improve air quality, reduce CO2 emissions and cut congestion.

Despite our rapid expansion, though, safety and affordability remain our number one priorities.

Keeping our users safe

We encourage responsible usage of e-vehicles to ensure the safety of riders and the wider public. With the Safety Toolkit, our users can switch to Beginner Mode, learn about local rules, and read safety instructions and tips. You can find this feature in the app by clicking on the green shield icon.

Making our service affordable

We’re committed to offering affordable and accessible service to a wider audience. Bolt’s custom-built scooter model helps us cut down on production and maintenance costs, which means we can offer the most affordable scooter rides possible.

Getting back to the old normal

With the number of Covid vaccinations rising, countries and cities are slowly beginning to reopen. And although there are no guarantees, we’re on a mission to help the populations of these 100 cities reconnect and get back to the old normal with safe and affordable rides.

Luckily, Bolt scooters also offer the ideal socially distant travel option as we slowly emerge from the Covid pandemic. Renting a scooter will help you get around town at a low cost and avoid busy public transport.

Unlock a Bolt scooter to get to your next destination

If you already have the Bolt app on your phone, there’s no need to download anything else. Open the Bolt app, select the Scooter tab, reserve the closest scooter and enjoy the ride!

If you don’t have the Bolt app yet, download it for free and get to your favourite locations quickly and worry-free! Don’t forget that by choosing Bolt e-vehicles, you’re contributing to greener, healthier cities!

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