Bolt scooters are now in Tallinn!

June 20, 2019

bolt scooter

Planning your summer vacation? When cities like Paris and Madrid are definitely a great choice, we invite you to the Baltics. It’s awesome here. Especially as Tallinn and Riga have Bolt scooters now.

The quickest way around town

The love for scooters that city-people have is on a rise for a good reason.

A speed up to 25 km/h and bike lanes give you a great advantage to those sitting in traffic jams during lunch breaks and rush hours. Solving the “last mile problem”, scooters are definitely the most fun and quick way to ride around the city. Especially on a sunny summer’s day.

But there’s more to it.

Earth says thanks

Greta Thunberg is not joking. We need to take care of our planet. Reducing the size of our ecological footprint is not an option, it’s an obligation. Think of these stats:

  • In a yearly view, the fueling costs of an 8 km daily car trip are equivalent to more than an average person pays for groceries in a month. For a scooter, these numbers are as big as the cost of a cup of coffee in Starbucks.
  • The CO2 emission (per passenger) of a scooter is 63 times lower than the one of an average single-passenger car. 63!
  • Not only are e-scooters energy efficient to use, but they are also energy efficient to manufacture. It’s safe to assume the embedded energy is less than 1 per cent of the embedded energy in an automobile.

In a situation where every fourth Bolt ride in Tallinn is shorter than 3 km, it was time to create a more environmentally friendly way for moving around. Now, Riga and Tallinn are on the list of cities that you can explore with Bolt scooters, right next to Paris and Madrid.

So, when you’re coming for a visit …

… how to rent and use a Bolt scooter?

  • Tap the scooter icon in your app, it’s in the top right corner.
  • You can unlock a scooter by scanning the QR code on the scooter. To use a scooter, you need to have your bank card data in the app.
  • Ride on bike lanes if possible. When riding on pathways, choose a driving speed that does not pose a threat to pedestrians.
  • When you have finished a ride, tap the “End ride” button in your app. Your card will be charged automatically.
  • After use, park the scooter in a safe place on the street. If possible, park near the bike racks.
  • The first time you use a Bolt scooter, you’ll receive a small run-through in the app on how to ride safely.

And the cost?

Let’s take Tallinn as an example.

  • The unlocking of a scooter is free and each minute will cost 15 cents.
  • A 10-minute ride should be enough to cover a distance of a few kilometres and will cost you only few euros.

PS! Travelling to Tallinn? Here’s a list of things to do here

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