Bolt launches ride-hailing in Oslo

January 20, 2021


We’re so happy to announce that today we officially started ride-hailing operations in the Norwegian capital of Oslo! Our goal is to offer better conditions for both passengers and drivers by improving the overall quality of ride-hailing in Oslo. How are we going to do that, exactly?

Higher earnings for drivers

Let’s start off with the ones behind the wheel.

Offering Bolt drivers fairer earnings, allowing them to support their families and fulfil their dreams is at the centre of everything we do. Which is exactly why Bolt drivers only pay 15% commission on the trips they’ve completed.

Compared to other ride-hailing apps on the market — who charge up to 25% commission — Bolt drivers take home more, thanks to our significantly lower commission fee.

Lower ride prices

Another thing we strive for is to offer our riders affordable, safe and fast transportation, taking the hassle out of moving around their city.

The starting fee of a Bolt ride in Oslo will be 32 kr, the fee for each kilometre is 11.2 kr and it’s 4 kr for each minute during the ride. The minimum cost of a trip is 80 kr.*

What are you waiting for? Download the app and Bolt!

download the bolt app

*Prices may be subject to change

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