Bolt launches new, fourth-generation scooter model

December 03, 2020

bolt 4 scooter

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new Bolt 4 scooter, the safest model the industry has ever seen.

Powered by hardware and software developed 100% in-house, the Bolt 4 is packed with innovative features and constructed with stability in mind to ensure the safest riding experience possible.

Here’s a closer look at the Bolt 4 — the new standard in shared micromobility.

Bolt Scooter 4 Tech Specs

Hardware and software developed for safety

The Bolt 4 is the first scooter that uses sensors to detect accidents, falls, sharp braking, and unsafe riding patterns. These sensors can trigger audio and visual warnings for riders as well as auto-notify our operations team of any problems.

Using the sensor data, we can build up a fingerprint-like pattern of usage which allows us to educate our riders where necessary. These measures allow riders to enjoy safe trips that also benefit the wider community and city!

The new model also features an informative dashboard to guide riders and intelligent voice alerts to help riders and pedestrians in situations that require extra attention.

Bolt 4 scooter

Optimised construction

The Bolt 4 is engineered in-house and constructed for extra stability and safer handling. It has an optimised caster angle for safe manoeuvring and its uniquely thin deck helps to maintain maximum ground clearance while keeping the floorboard low for better balance.

The scooter also features a patent-pending swappable battery solution, with the battery itself being located at the back of the vehicle. This allows for easier battery swapping, but also affords a better riding experience due to the scooter’s lower centre of gravity.

Elsewhere, pneumatic tyres provide maximum surface grip for even the most demanding weather conditions and the scooter’s light weight offers easier handling.

It doesn’t matter what level of scooter riding experience you have, the Bolt 4 is designed and engineered so that everyone can enjoy convenient, affordable rides safely.

In-app safety help

For those that are new to scooter rides, you can also get help through the Bolt app. Our Beginner Mode limits the maximum speed of the scooter to 15 km/h and slows down the acceleration profile so that you can learn at your own pace.

Bolt 4 safety

And for ongoing guidance, our Safety Toolkit features a host of resources to remind you of safe riding practices.

A scooter for greener, better-connected cities

As with our previous custom model scooter, sustainability is at the heart of our operations. The Bolt 4 is 100% recyclable and has a lifespan of up to 60 months. This all helps us to reduce waste and is an integral part of our mission to operate climate positive operations by the end of 2020.

Bolt 4 scooter

When it comes to damaged Bolt 4 scooters, we operate a zero-waste initiative whereby no scooter is repaired by taking parts from another. Our in-house teams replace faulty scooters without needing to decommission another scooter. This is possible because we own the whole supply chain and aren’t dependent on intermediaries.

Building cities of the future with the Bolt 4

In 2021, we’ll be Europe’s largest micromobility operator with 130,000 scooters and bikes across 100+ cities. We can’t wait to see Bolt 4 scooters on streets across Europe — helping to cut CO2 emissions and congestion in the process.

Download the Bolt app today to ride on what is the new standard in micromobility safety!

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