Bolt launches in Yerevan, Armenia!

January 21, 2020

We’re so happy to announce that today we officially started ride-hailing operations in the Armenian capital of Yerevan! We’re bringing fairer ride-hailing to the largest city in Armenia, hoping to improve urban transportation for riders and provide a steady income for drivers. 

We’ve brought our service to the streets of “The Pink City” to provide more competition and choice, as well as offering improved conditions for both passengers and drivers. Generally speaking, we hope to improve the overall quality of ride-hailing for everyone in Yerevan.

We’re on a mission to increase the earnings of drivers and make moving around town more affordable for passengers.

Some facts about Armenia

For those wanting to get to know Armenia a little better, here are some facts!

Total area: 29,743 km2

Official languages: Armenian

Population (2018): 2,951,745

Currency: Dram

Time zone: UTC+4

The apricot is a national symbol and the orange part of the flag actually symbolises the apricot!

Yerevan is known as “The Pink City” as her buildings are mostly made of naturally coloured volcanic rocks that come in varying shades of pink!

How much will Bolt rides cost?

The starting fee of a Bolt ride in Yerevan will be 300 drams; the fee for each kilometre is 100 drams; and there’s no per-minute charge. The minimum cost of a trip is 300 drams.

To celebrate our launch in Armenia, all Yerevan Bolters will receive a 50% discount on their first 5 rides!

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