Bolt is now live in Amsterdam!

July 08, 2020

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Exciting news! Our mission to make urban transportation easier, faster, and more reliable has now brought us to the Netherlands. As of today, Bolt ride-hailing services — offering better prices for passengers and fairer earnings for drivers — are now fully operational in the Dutch capital. Hoera!

Hoi, Amsterdam!

The beautiful city of Amsterdam is famed for its canals and unique architecture. But, as of today, it’s also home to affordable, fast and environmentally friendly urban transportation. Good news for every morning commuter, lunch-time wanderer or evening enjoyer in the so-called ‘Venice of the North’.

Hundreds of Amsterdammers have already signed up to drive and earn money on their own schedule with Bolt in Amsterdam. It’s not hard to see why — we charge our drivers up to 50% less commission than some of our competitors.

Our Operations Manager in the Netherlands, Lars Speekenbrink stated, “Satisfied drivers are crucial to us. We pay a lot of attention to providing the best income and we also work with different bonus models for our drivers. By taking this responsibility and efficiently organising our business process, we achieve our ultimate goal: to deliver a reliable and inexpensive ride to the passenger.”

How much does it cost to Bolt?

We believe that affordable and reliable urban transportation should be accessible to everyone. How do we make that happen? By ensuring that our ride prices remain low.

The starting rate of a Bolt ride in Amsterdam is €1.40, the kilometre rate is  €1.20, and the rate per minute is €0.26. The minimum ride price is €6.

Download the Bolt app to get 50% off your first rides

To celebrate our launch, all Bolt riders in Amsterdam will be able to enjoy their first 10 rides with a 50% discount!* This promotion will run until 02.08.2020.

What are you waiting for? Download the app and Bolt!

download bolt app

*Maximum ride price to claim the discount = €7

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