Travelling to Tallinn? Here’s a list of things to do here

May 29, 2019

best restaurants in tallinn

When in Rome, right?

It’s no secret that it’s only reasonable to follow the footsteps of local people when visiting a new city.

We put together a list of recommendations starring some of the best restaurants, museums and must-see places in Tallinn (also known as Bolt‘s home town! 🙋) for you to have the ultimate guide to a great experience ready when needed. All based on the knowledge of our great team and daily Bolters.

Some of the best restaurants in Tallinn

Kolm Sibulat

One of the first restaurants in Pelgulinn, Tallinn. Now it’s not only the favourite of its community but the whole town. Offering European cuisine with an Asian twist, the most popular item on the menu is a bowl of Udon noodles which you can order with either duck, beef or tofu.


Location: Telliskivi 2

Kaja Pizza

When the first visitors of this place had stepped out of the restaurant, it didn’t take long for the rumour to spread – this is T H E place to go when you’re craving for a pizza. The boys behind the counter seem to have a magic recipe of some kind, as they have the whole town under their sourdough spell.


Location: Õle 33


Small place, big flavours. Every time you go to Salt, you see something new on the menu. Something out of your wildest culinary art dreams. Known for bold flavours and exceptional service, Salt will leave you longing for more.


Location: Vase 14

best restaurants in tallinn

Cosy cafes


The smell of cardamon and cinnamon lingering out of this cafe makes everyone’s head turn. If you wish to get a table, go there in the early hours. Not sure if there’s anything better than waking up in a bakery which smells like a perfect breakfast in bed – coffee and fresh buns. It’s a must-visit.

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Location: Rotermanni 14

NOP cafe

It’s a sweet little cafe with a mix of healthy breakfasts, nice lunches and sweet dinners. What makes it even more special is its small courtyard and a side-shop from where you can buy produce from local farmers and small businesses.

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Location: Köleri 1

Pierre Chocolaterie

A hidden gem in the middle of our old town. A chic bohemian cafe offering decadent chocolate cakes and the best hot chocolate (… the vanilla, honey and sea salt combination is 🔥)  in town. It’s just a small step away from the main streets.

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Location: Vene 6

best cafes in tallinn

Museums to visit


The Art Museum of Estonia is located in one of the most beautiful parks of Tallinn – the Kadriorg park. So when you take a stroll there, make sure to step by KUMU as well. The exhibitions there cover our art history from the most known players like Johann Köler to modern art representatives like Marko Mäetamm.

Museum’s home page

Location: Valge 1


If you’re more into modern art, then head to EKKM. Three floors full of pieces by our best artists and a nice cafe make a perfect combination for an urban escape. Plus, they organise parties on the weekends. Go check it out.

Museum’s home page

Location: Põhja pst. 35

Estonian Open Air Museum

You have spare time and the weather is nice enough for a picnic? Head to the place that gives you an overview of our history, culture and the weird food Estonians love more than life itself. A bit away from the city centre, it’s the perfect place to Bolt to for a sweet picnic.

Museum’s home page

Location: Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12

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But where do locals actually go to?

We had a look at our data about people’s most popular Bolt journeys and hotspots. As it turns out, these are the places that locals like to hang out in:

Extra: recommendations from Bolt team

Hey, we’ve been here for some time as well. So it’s no wonder that we also have something to say about all of this.

Here’s a map of our favourites:

Now that you have all that’s necessary, it’s just a matter of planning your visit. Or if you’re a local and ended up reading this through, request Bolt and enjoy a ride around your hometown. You may even find some new favourites.


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