You can now ride with Bolt in Saint Petersburg 🇷🇺

April 18, 2019

bolt russia st petersburg

Starting from today, all Saint Petersburg locals and visitors can explore the city using Bolt. We’re bringing fairer ride-hailing to the second largest city in Russia to improve urban transportation for both sides of the service – drivers and passengers.

Our goal is to create more choices and offer better conditions for both passengers and drivers; and by bringing in competition, improve the overall quality of the service for everyone in Saint Petersburg. We’re on a mission to increase the earnings of drivers and make moving around town more affordable for passengers.

The starting fee of a Bolt ride in Saint Petersburg will be 50 rubles, the fee for each kilometre 13 rubles and 5 rubles for each minute during the ride. The minimum cost of a trip is 79 rubles.

To celebrate our launch in Russia, all Saint Petersburg Bolters will receive up to 50% discount on their first rides.


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