Bolt gathered in Tallinn for a company-wide hackathon

August 15, 2019

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In the second week of August, 550 Bolt employees from all around the globe gathered in Tallinn for a company-wide hackathon to improve company culture, network, gain new knowledge and generally share some good vibes!

Here’s what happened.

All for one, one for all

Imagine one regular six-year-old. He’s full of questions when it comes to discovering the world in and around him.

Why do I have to eat breakfast?

Where are the best puddles to jump in? 

Who’s that dude with the cool skin in Minecraft?

Now imagine a six-year-old who has about 30 voices in his head, all from different cultures. Sounds a bit hectic, right?

Well, that six-year-old is named Bolt. Oh yeah, celebration time, we just turned six!

As you can imagine, in a multicultural company like Bolt, there are a lot of questions to answer on a daily basis.

Instead of just staring at our parents (… talking about the management here, right?) with puppy eyes and waiting for them to find the answers, it was time to take action as a team. It was time to meet up, greet up and hackathon up.

Level 550 brainpower

Staying open and connected, designing the future of transportation, having an impact – these are our goals. But rather than just buzzwording, we found the answers to Why? and How? together.

550 inspired brains divided into teams, everyone having a voice. Everyone being heard. If that’s not the smartest way to include your people into company decision making, then what is?

After two days of hackathoning we ended up with raw ideas turned into actionable steps and a true feeling of accomplishment.

And to answer the most important question – yes, there was a party as well. 

PS! Thank you, Orangetime, for yet another cool event! You rock!

Eager to join us next time?

Our summits are awesome, but to be honest, it’s great the whole year round. Doing a hackathon or handling the daily stuff. Actually, if you’d like to know more about what we do, head to What’s it like to work at Bolt?

And if you’re liking all of it, go to our Careers page. There’s something waiting for you there.

And we’re waiting for you. Join us!

Bolt summer summit 2019


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