Bolt Food Launches in Tallinn!

August 21, 2019

bolt food launch

Very exciting news coming out of our hometown, today – in case you haven’t heard, we’ve now officially launched our food delivery service – Bolt Food!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about it, including how to start ordering your favourite food right to your door!

What’s Bolt Food?

Well, there’s a big clue in the name! Bolt—the fastest-growing transportation platform in Europe—is adding food delivery to its list of awesome services, along with ride-hailing and scooter sharing. Bolt Food allows you to order your favourite foods from your most-loved restaurants, direct to your door, super-fast! On launch, the app will feature some of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn and we’ll be adding more and more over the coming weeks.

bolt food

Why food delivery?

Because we can! Honestly, our ride-hailing/ride-sharing business has over 25 million happy customers, in more than 30 countries throughout Europe and Africa, food delivery has been a really popular request from a load of them. We’ve built up a solid base of technology, personnel and expertise on the back of our other products, so we felt that moving into this space was a logical step…and we’re SO excited!

How can I use Bolt Food?

That’s the spirit! To start ordering your favourite food right to your door, you’ll need to download the brand new Bolt Food app. N.B. you can’t order food from inside the existing Bolt ride-hailing/scooter app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s super-easy to start ordering – simply follow these steps:

  • select your favourite eatery;
  • choose which delicious dishes you want to order and confirm your delivery address;
  • you’ll then be able to see the estimated delivery time and the total cost;
  • confirm your order;
  • wait for your tasty food to arrive;
  • EAT!

Free Delivery!

If this awesome news isn’t quite enough for you, during the launch period we’re also offering you FREE delivery – we’re nice like that! So there’s literally no reason for you not to try Bolt Food. Download the Bolt Food app and start ordering now!

What about the rest of the world?

If you’re not in Tallinn right now, don’t worry – we’ll be launching the Bolt Food delivery service in Latvia, Lithuania and South Africa later this year. If you’re elsewhere, we’ll be coming to a city near you very soon, sit tight!

Want to earn some extra money?

If you fancy earning a little extra, why not apply to become one of our couriers? If you have some spare time and access to a car, bicycle, bike, or scooter, we’d love to hear from you!


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