Bolt Food courier tips and tricks

January 27, 2023

Bolt Food courier tips and tricks

Being a Bolt Food courier is an excellent way to make a living or earn additional income. You can start quickly, get paid weekly, choose your schedule, and earn on your terms.

Here are some tips and tricks from our delivery experts to help you earn more, achieve higher ratings, and have an easier time delivering Bolt Food orders.

How to earn more as a Bolt Food courier

There are two ways you can earn more money as a Bolt Food courier — delivering more orders and earning bonuses and tips.

How to get more orders as a Bolt Food courier

First up, wait for orders in areas where there are many restaurants, for example, city centres and shopping centres, or near Bolt Market stores. 

You can also check the Bolt Food eater app to see which restaurants and stores have active campaigns — as they’ll likely have more orders! Popular international chain restaurants also have higher order volumes.

To avoid missing orders, carry a power bank and ensure your device is charged and connected to a stable internet connection. And remember not to place the app in the background, lock your phone, or put it in your pocket while waiting for an order.

To fit more orders into your day, don’t waste time. Tap Pickup when you’re ready to start delivering, tap Arrived when you’re ready to pick up the order from the restaurant or store, and tap Delivered when you hand over the order and are ready for another delivery request.

To get more orders, go online during peak hours like lunchtime, evenings, weekends and holidays — and join your local Telegram group for more information.

We recommend opting in for all delivery preferences in your city, like cash orders, and orders with an ID check, if possible.


One way to earn more is by delivering multiple orders at once. You’d be picking up two orders from one or two restaurants or stores and delivering them to two customers near each other.

Be sure to pick up and deliver in the same order as suggested in the Bolt Food app, and remember that you’ll need to carry multiple orders in your delivery bag. If they both don’t fit in your bag, but you’ve already accepted the batched order, contact Customer Support for help.

How to earn more bonuses

You can earn bonuses if you deliver during peak hours like lunchtime, evenings, weekends, or bad weather days. And you can also earn more by delivering long-distance orders. 

Join your local Telegram group for more information on bonuses, and don’t forget to check your in-app inbox to participate in active campaigns. You may also be eligible for additional bonuses by fulfilling requirements like maintaining a high rating.

How to earn more tips as a Bolt Food courier

Our customers value speedy delivery the most. So get to the restaurant or store and deliver the order on time.

But remember to double-check you’ve picked up the correct order, and pack it securely, so it doesn’t get damaged or lost.

And finally, always follow a customer’s delivery notes (if there are any), and be polite to customers and restaurant workers.

Learn more about tips from our blog post.

How to get higher ratings

High ratings go hand-in-hand with an excellent service. But let’s go over some basics:

  • Look presentable, wear clean clothes, and keep your delivery bag clean;
  • Position food safely in the delivery bag, so it doesn’t get damaged;
  • Be polite and have a positive attitude; 
  • Deliver the order on time and follow customer notes;
  • Avoid contacting customers if the destination is obvious.

Maintaining a high rating may make you eligible for additional bonuses. But repeatedly getting very low ratings may lead to your account being blocked.

Safety tips

Although Bolt Food customers appreciate fast delivery, follow speed limits and traffic rules, and keep your vehicle clean and in good condition. 

Use a helmet (if delivering with a scooter, bike, or moped), ensure your vehicle has the necessary reflectors and/or lights, and make yourself visible by wearing brightly coloured clothes or a safety vest.

Wash and sanitise your hands as much as possible and stop delivering if you feel unwell. And be sure to clean your delivery bag regularly with food-safe products and avoid putting it on the ground. 

And finally, never open a customer’s order or touch the food in the bags.


Before your first delivery, study the materials provided during onboarding. You can also find answers to any questions at the Help Desk.

If you’re not on an active order and need advice, check the in-app Help section for frequently asked questions and useful articles. If you can’t find an answer to your question, write a text message to our Customer Support team.

And if you’re on an active order and need urgent help, call our Customer Support team.

Sign up as a Bolt Food courier 

We’re confident you’ll find these tips useful. But for general advice on how to be better at delivering, read how to be a more efficient courier or delivery driver.

And if you haven’t done so, sign up as a Bolt Food courier today to start earning on your terms!

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