Bolt donates scooters to hospitals across Europe

January 20, 2021

bolt scooter donation

Hospital workers are our biggest heroes, there’s no doubt. We wanted to do something to support those on the front line, the people that risk their well-being and health for others during these most turbulent times. During the first wave, we made rides free of charge for the medical personnel in Vilnius, now it’s time to bring something else to the table.

To make daily transportation faster and more convenient for medical workers, we launched Bolt’s scooter donation project, giving away scooters to hospitals in the Baltics, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, and Romania.

Healthcare institutions taking part in the project include:

  • Vilnius University Hospital in Lithuania;
  • VSIA “Paula Stradiņa klīniskā universitātes slimnīca in Latvia;
  • Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka in Poland;
  • Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice in Czech Republic;
  • Univerzitna nemocnica Bratislava in Slovakia;
  • Ajungem MARI in Romania;
  • Department of Social Welfare and Healthcare of Tartu, and Hospital of Pärnu;
  • Karolinska Hospital and St Göran Hospital in Sweden.

bolt scooter donation project

A second life through donation

Bolt’s scooter fleet will soon be upgraded to a newer model. As one of the bigger goals for the company’s scooter operations is to be and stay climate positive, it is important to maximise the lifetime of each and every scooter and, if possible, find a new life for it.

So, we made two ends meet –– supporting our heroes on the front line and extending the lifetime of our scooters by repairing and repainting the vehicles from last season and donating them to hospitals across Europe.

During the refurbishing process, our in-house hardware team made sure that the Ninebot ES4s sent to hospitals were as good and safe as new.

The donated scooters will help medical staff cover longer distances inside the hospital area quicker. In addition, scooters will provide them with a way to ride to and from work safely and more efficiently.

Free Bolt rides for medical personnel

But it’s not only scooters. Similarly to the first wave, essential workers will be able to use Bolt’s services for free to get to and back home from work.

During the first lockdown period, doctors in Vilnius actively used the opportunity to travel to and from hospitals free of charge. Collectively, about 2,000 trips were made last spring.

Free rides will again be available for staff in major city hospitals, as well as to Red Cross volunteers who assist medical facilities with critical staff shortages.

In addition, we’re constantly in talks with local authorities in many cities to discuss how our green mobility solutions can offer relief and assistance during this difficult time.

Stay safe!

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and tired of everything that’s going on. We get it. Still, we advise you to stay home, minimise contact with others and order a Bolt Protect ride or hop on a scooter if it’s absolutely necessary.

The well-being of our communities and those on the front line is at stake and depends on the actions of each and every one of us. We’ll get through this together.

For the most up-to-date information use trustworthy sources like the WHO and follow the advice of your local government.

Stay safe!


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