Bolt celebrates European Mobility Week

September 24, 2021

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European Mobility Week is an event that promotes active mobility, the use of public transport, and other clean and sustainable transport solutions. As Europe’s largest micromobility provider, we were naturally at the front of the attendance queue! 

The week-long event ended with National Car Free Day, an event designed to reduce the number of cars on the streets for a single day, reminding us all how our society can benefit from less traffic congestion and a greener environment. 

At Bolt, these issues are always front of mind. Each year, we launch many different initiatives across Europe, together with local authorities, partners and law enforcement agencies. Car Free Day is yet another excellent opportunity to spread the word about micromobility and other, more sustainable, commuting options that can replace owning and using a car.

Continue reading to learn more about how and where we celebrated the National Car Free Day this year.


Our Belgian team organised educational activities in Brussels, Hasselt and Ypres. The main goal was to let as many people as possible try our scooters, learn about correct parking and safe riding. 

In Brussels, we added more than 140 dedicated scooter parking spots across the city. Everyone who left a scooter at one of these parking locations received 10 minutes of Bolt scooter riding for free. Responsible parking really does pay off! 


Bolt users in Katowice, Lublin and Rzeszów had a chance to participate in photo contests and quizzes to win promo codes for discounts on Bolt scooter rides as well as exclusive helmets designed to help riders stay safe while scooting. 

Portugal and Spain

This week, we proved that education and taking tests can be fun! 

In Lisbon and Madrid, we organised a scooter circuit school, the goal of which was to once again remind everyone about safety and responsible scooter usage. 

The main topics were awareness of the risks of drunk riding, raising awareness of the challenges blind people face when navigating a city, and talking about local rules and responsible parking. 

Afterwards, everyone who successfully passed the test on each topic participated in a giveaway of Scooter Passes and Bolt helmets. 



Bolt users in Braunschweig also had a great opportunity to win an exclusive Bolt helmet. 

New users could try out Bolt scooters on a closed-off street, so beginners didn’t have to worry about cars or pedestrians. 

More experienced riders had the chance to take their riding to the next level and try a slalom course. 


The Czech Republic and Slovakia

Bolt teamed up with the local authorities, the police and other micromobility companies in multiple locations across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The purpose is to remind people what it means to be a responsible scooter rider and how to park a scooter safely.


With strong support from Sibiu City Hall, Bolt organised an event to promote our micromobility services and shared promo codes with existing and prospective Bolt users. This gave the opportunity for even more people to try this safe and shared mode of transport. 


Reminding riders about the most vulnerable road users, such as the blind and visually impaired people, is of vital importance.

This was the main focus of the Bolt team’s work in Drammen and Lillestrøm at an event held in conjunction with the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted. The goal of which was to promote rider safety as well as creating awareness about the needs of people with physical impairments.



The Bolt team in Croatia celebrated Car Free Day with lowered ride prices in Osijek and Varazdin, encouraging more people to switch from personal cars to electric scooters.

In addition to lowered prices, the Bolt team in Croatia organised a cleanup day in Rijeka together with Decathlon and volunteers. As a bonus, everyone who helped to make streets cleaner received a promo code for scooter rides.

As a part of the European Mobility Week in Osijek representatives of tech companies could take part in a Hi-tech tour — a tour of Osijek technology companies and organizations that deal with solving the problem of urban mobility. The main form of transportation for this tour were Bolt scooters that participants could use for free.

In Zagreb, the Bolt team organised Safety days to remind people of scooter safety and to once again talk about the benefits of micromobility.

Join our green initiative!

If you also wish to be a part of our journey and contribute to a greener world, try Bolt’s eco-friendly and climate positive service. All you need to do is download the Bolt app and get going!


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