Bolt and Swobbee partner up for sustainable scooter charging

August 24, 2022


At Bolt, we always look for ways to improve the sustainability of our operations. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Swobbee for a pilot project in Berlin. Swobbee provides battery swapping kiosks that offer an efficient, safe, and decentralised solution for loading and swapping electric scooter batteries.

The Swobbee partnership helps our operations team during their battery swapping shifts. Instead of going back and forth in a van to our warehouse, we can use cargo bikes to start and end our Berlin shifts at Swobbee stations, which helps to save time and fuel. 

How does battery swapping with Swobbee work?

To make battery swapping operations more efficient and sustainable:

  • Battery swapping kiosks are installed near e-scooter hotspots;
  • Cargo bikes carry the batteries for battery swaps.

We take empty batteries to Swobbee’s kiosks in cargo bikes and swap them for fully charged ones. At Bolt, we’re committed to sustainable operations, which is why we use electric cargo bikes.

These save a significant amount of emissions compared to standard combustion vehicles. Furthermore, the kiosks help us evaluate battery performance and detect any potential defects and faults — helping us get scooters back on the street as quickly as possible. 

Making micromobility more efficient
This partnership has additional benefits on top of reducing emissions. The aim is to make micromobility operations more efficient and to improve e-vehicle accessibility. Through this, we can ensure that our streets are cleaner, greener, and better connected.

  • More sustainable operations
    Swobbee’s decentralised charging solutions reduce the need to transport batteries to Bolt e-scooters and e-bikes over large distances.
  • Conveniently placed charging stations
    Shorter distances between battery supply stations and our e-scooters prevent longer journeys — saving time and costs. This also helps keep the air cleaner, which is better for cities and people!
  • Better scooter availability
    Freshly charged batteries are now stationed near micromobility hotspots, ensuring fewer ‘dead’ scooters and better availability for riders. This helps us declutter the streets, making them cleaner and safer. 

Building cleaner, greener cities
With this initiative, we aim to build cleaner, more sustainable cities. With 68% of the world’s population expected to live in urban spaces by 2050, cities will need to integrate sustainable transportation options. 

Decentralised charging solutions help improve the availability of freshly charged e-scooters. So with this collaboration, we aim to improve access to micromobility, reduce CO2 emissions, and cut congestion — all of which make our cities cleaner and greener.

We look forward to expanding our partnership with Swobbee to other cities to ensure we operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Download the app to get started on your
green journey!


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