Bolt and Allianz partner for insurance-covered scooter rides

September 09, 2022

Bolt scooters

We’re excited to share a look into our partnership with Allianz, which covers scooter riders with two types of insurance as soon as they start a ride.

At Bolt, we’re dedicated to ensuring our scooters are as safe as possible and are currently working on several safety features for both scooter riders and pedestrians. However, unfortunately, accidents still happen. This is where our partnership with Allianz Partners helps us provide the safety net that scooter riders need in the busy urban environments where they use our products.

Dmitri Pivovarov, Director of Rentals at Bolt

Allianz is a well-known insurer for micromobility companies that will provide insurance coverage for Bolt users across Europe.

How will riders be insured?

The insurance provided by Allianz covers all scooter riders with two types of insurance. The single rental fee also covers the insurance fee.

  • The first type of coverage, Personal Accident Insurance, insures the rider for any potentially severe injury

This type of insurance isn’t intended to cover medical expenses. Instead, it provides a financial benefit for the time the rider needs to recover fully.

  • The second insurance is Rider General Liability. This covers any damages caused to third parties while riding Bolt scooters

But this doesn’t mean riders can choose to ride irresponsibly and expect any damage to be covered. 

Instances where a rider has broken Bolt scooters’ Terms & Conditions or traffic regulations aren’t covered. An example of such a violation would be riding under the influence of alcohol or another substance — which is strictly prohibited and can even result in a permanent ban from our service. 

Safety as a top priority

Making micromobility as safe as possible is our top priority (more about this in our yearly safety report), and we invest a great deal of time researching ways to increase safety. Recent examples of how we’ve done this are our Bolt Scooter School and the Cognitive Reaction Test designed to prevent intoxicated driving, with many more innovative solutions in development. 

What can Bolt’s scooter safety data teach us about safe road infrastructure? Find out here.

Insuring our riders in case of accidents that occur even when riding responsibly is another crucial step to increasing micromobility safety.

All the here-mentioned insurance offerings and more-to-come activities and app advancements fall under the name of Bolt Shield, a service suite designed to make micromobility safer.

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PS. Here’s a little guide on being a commute hero.

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