Bolt achieves two new ISO certifications for safety and management systems

February 09, 2022


Bolt, Europe’s first super-app, has been awarded two new ISO certifications confirming the company’s safety of operations and quality management systems.

Safety is a top priority at Bolt

The ISO45001 for Safety Management Systems has been granted to the company after it has put in place a global occupational health and management system. The standard applies to Bolt’s working spaces and to all the products under the brand. Consequently, it is a guarantee of the fact that the company designs and maintains its scooter fleet to a set of accountable, internationally recognized standards, that ensure the safety of operations. 

This is an objective, third-party recognition that we have a true commitment to quality management processes and to the safety of our employees, working spaces, and products.

Douglas Bleasel, Head of Risk and Safety at Bolt

Bolt is pushing other safety standards in the micromobility industry. The company’s engineers have developed a tandem riding prevention feature that aims to stop the practice of two people riding the same scooter, at the same time. This is one of the most dangerous behaviours on a scooter, as it poses a significant danger to both riders and pedestrians. Bolt has recently applied to patent its tandem riding detection feature.

The company has also introduced a cognitive reaction test to its scooter app. The test is meant to deter intoxicated users from taking Bolt scooters for a ride. Currently, Bolt’s engineering team is at work to test a skid braking detection feature that will be used to combat risky riding behavior and educate customers as to how to ride a scooter in safe conditions. 

Bolt offers a better alternative to every purpose a private car serves, be it short or long distance, travel or delivery. I believe we are also one of the first companies with such a wide range of urban mobility solutions that has achieved both the ISO certification for safety management systems and the ISO for quality management systems.

Douglas Bleasel, Head of Risk and Safety at Bolt

The ISO9001 certification for quality management systems has been awarded because Bolt has been found to be compliant with the 7 main quality management principles verified by the International Standards Organization. This means that the company has been recognized by a well-renowned independent third party to show customer focus and has demonstrated internal traits such as engagement of people and relationship management. In granting the certification, ISO officials have also taken into consideration Bolt’s evidence-based decision making system and the fact that the company is driven by a process approach. 

Bolt will be periodically audited by the International Organization for Standardization to show constant, positive developments in these areas. The company also holds an ISO27001 certificate for information security and a ISO14001 certification for environmental management.  

Bolt is the European super-app on a mission to make urban mobility more affordable, safe and sustainable. Bolt has 100 million customers in 45 countries and over 400 cities across Europe and Africa.

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