Seven must-have bike accessories for every cyclist

September 23, 2022

bike accessories

Urban commuters, mountain bikers, and Sunday riders can improve their riding enjoyment by investing in the best bike accessories. You might think nothing gets better than the basic joys of riding: freedom of the road and wind rushing through your hair, but there are accessories to make every ride smoother and more stylish. 

Some biking accessories, like a bike lock and helmet, are essential. But items like a luxury bike seat and sturdy phone mount may seem unnecessary — until you try riding with them. 

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of seven cycling accessories to add to your bike. Some of these items aren’t absolutely necessary, but they’ll undoubtedly improve your riding enjoyment. 

Best bike helmet: Lumos Ultra

While other accessories are optional, the bike helmet is a must for every rider. Busy city streets pose risks at every turn. The Lumos Ultra is the helmet best designed to prevent commuting accidents. 

This forward-thinking helmet has an impact-resistant EPS foam liner and a polycarbonate shell that ensures protection. It also comes with an LED headlight and red turn signals in the rear to prevent accidents.

The braking and turn signals can be activated using the remote, which can be fastened to the handlebar, or using hand signals while wearing an Apple Watch!

Best bike lock: Abus Granit X-Plus 540

It’s estimated that a whopping 3 million bikes are stolen yearly in Europe. Whether you’ve splurged on an expensive bike or have a sentimental two-wheeler that you couldn’t bear to lose, the best bike locks keep your precious bike secure no matter where you’ve left it. 

For the best security, you can’t look beyond the Abus Granit X-Plus 540. It’s pricey, but you should consider a top-tier model if you have a bike worth protecting. 

The lock’s appearance is enough to scare away even the most professional bike thief on its own. But should someone try, bolt cutters, hacksaws, and crowbars all fail against the practically indestructible engineering.

You might think such security would equate to a sizeable weight to carry around, but the special type of temper hardened German steel used, makes this the lightest high-security u-lock available. 

Bike phone holder: Quad Lock

Quick access to your phone while cycling means you can safely look at directions, change music, and answer calls while on the road. 

Balancing your valuable phone as you hurtle along can be a nervous affair, so it’s only right that you opt for a sturdy bike phone holder — and they don’t come studier than the Quad Lock.

Unlike a more conventional claw-like design, the Quad Lock uses a dedicated case and locking handlebar mount. The ‘out-front’ mount fits any regular handlebar, and once you’ve locked your phone into it (using a Quad Lock phone case), the phone remains fastened no matter how rough the terrain, thanks to a patented dual-stage lock.

Best bike seat: Selle Italia Model X

Nothing impacts the comfort of your ride quite like a bike seat. No matter how many gizmos and gadgets you have, every moment spent riding can be miserable without a seat that’s up to scratch. Anatomical differences and riding styles mean that bike seats work differently for every rider. What works for you will be entirely different to the next person. Therefore, finding the best bike seat can take time and effort. 

For a saddle that works just as well for entry-level riders as it does for those more accomplished, consider Selle Italia’s Model X

With this bike seat, you can expect high performance without the large price point. Better still, it’s the first bike saddle constructed from 100% sustainable materials. The wave shape, careful choice of materials, and generous relief cutout guarantee support for even the longest of rides. 

If your priority is comfort, opt for the Comfort+ version, which has a 4x thicker variant of the supportive gel padding.

Best bike cover: BikeParka

A bike cover might seem like a frivolous addition to your biking accessories. But if you aren’t blessed with a garage or bike storage, a good one can protect the longevity of your bike.

The BikeParka offers stellar protection against mother nature’s toughest conditions, thanks to a PU coating, taped seams and UPF50+ protection. 

With elastic fitting, bike lock eyelets, and several colour options, the BikeParka has everything you could ask for in a bike cover. You can even pack it into a small ‘Stuff Sac’ pouch for easy mobility.

Best bike lights: NiteRider 1200 LED Boost

If commutes before sunrise and after sunset are part of your daily routine, or you enjoy rides on trails at night, a powerful front headlight is paramount to seeing and being seen. 

With 1200 lumens, the NiteRider 1200 OLED Boost makes riding into the night easy.

Designed for every type of biker, NiteRider’s powerful, widespread beam provides optimal lighting and has great battery life. The beam lasts up to two hours at full power, which can be extended by switching to low power mode. The practical screen on the top of the light removes any doubts surrounding battery life. 

Paired with the Lumos Ultra bike helmet, you’ll have no trouble being seen on your late-night rides. 

Best bike rack: Thule T2 Pro XTR

Once you’ve exhausted the bike trails around your home, it’s fun to explore areas further afield. Getting from A to B can be tricky with a bike. So to transport your bike, you’ll need to choose a secure bike rack to attach to your car. 

Whether you’re riding solo or bringing along the whole crew, the durable design, generous spacing and accommodating tyre widths make the Thule T2 Pro XTR the preferred choice amongst bike enthusiasts. 

Capable of storing two bikes (and another two with the optional add-on attachment), the durable and award-winning design is a breeze to use. 

The T2 Pro XTR is pricier than other bike racks. But the simple installation, premium build and ability to carry everything from kid’s bikes to heavier e-bikes and fat bikes make this hitch-mounted bike rack the best option.

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