3 steps to fast track your career progression — meet Eimantas Balta, Country Manager at Bolt

January 07, 2022

Life at Bolt

Eimantas Balta joined Bolt as an Operations Specialist over 4 years ago. Since then, he’s worked his way up to his current role of Country Manager — managing rentals across the Baltics. 

How has Eimantas’ career developed at Bolt? And what tips would he give those who want to grow professionally?

It’s time to hear Eimantas’ story…

Life before Bolt

Eimantas studied Business Management & Marketing (including stints in Portugal and Bulgaria), where he first learnt about solving real-life problems with technology. 

And it was during a summer travel programme to the USA that Eimantas discovered the popularity of ride-hailing and its role in changing how our cities move. 

After graduating, he went on to work for a Lithuanian telecommunications company before joining a marketing agency and then moving into a sales role.

The beginning of the Bolt journey

Eimantas has now been at Bolt for over 4 years, but his journey began as an Operations Specialist. The main responsibility of the role was offering training and walk-in support for Bolt drivers to uphold service quality. 

And although Bolt has over 3,000 employees today, four years ago was a little different. 

”It was a true startup vibe, working in a small office and assembling our furniture. The start was so interesting because we were doubling in size each month and registering and training more than 50 drivers a day”, says Eimantas.

After a year and a half in the role, Eimantas put his study experience into action and started to help with various marketing and partnership activities, including lifecycle marketing and advertising. This saw him move to the position of Marketing and Operations Specialist.

In this new role, Eimantas was in charge of local events and partnerships, all with the ambition of growing brand visibility in Lithuania. 

One particular highlight was launching scooters on the streets of Vilnius, and later Kaunas in 2019. 

Following these successful launches, Eimantas moved to an Operations Manager role to expand Bolt’s scooter presence across Lithuania and Latvia. In his third role at Bolt, Eimantas managed all scooter operations and related marketing activities in the two countries.

From 2 to 31 cities!

Following scooter success in Latvia and Lithuania, Eimantas was promoted to his current role as Country Manager Rentals (Baltics), which also includes Estonia.

It all started with 2 launches in Lithuania, but Eimantas is now responsible for 31 cities across the Baltics! And from stakeholder meetings to new city launches, and analytics tracking to managing logistics contractors, no two days are ever the same!

Ultimately, success is about people choosing scooter rides over personal car rides for shorter trips. 

“Achieving new records of rides per season is one of the biggest achievements for us — micromobility is extremely important in offering an environmentally friendly transportation option for commuting across the city”, says Eimantas.

Great people over complex processes

Having been at Bolt for 4 years now, we wanted to find out why Eimantas has stayed at Bolt and what he loves most about the company culture.

“You’re surrounded by amazing and talented people that you can learn from, plus you can actually touch and feel the product that you’re working on! 

We’re changing the way people move and helping to reduce CO2 emissions by replacing personal car trips with scooter rides. 

And lastly, no matter which department you’re in, we’re all willing to help each other succeed with our ‘Great people over complex processes’ operating principle. I’m happy to say that I’m a part of Bolt,” says Eimantas.

Taking the next step in your career

Now in his fourth role at Bolt, Eimantas’ career advice revolves around always asking the ‘stupid’ questions, getting out of your comfort zone, and challenging yourself! 

He recommends trying out different types of roles and developing your skills in each area which will benefit you in the future.

Here are Eimantas’ top 3 tips for those wanting to take their next career step:

  1. Take the time to get to know yourself — your goals, dreams, standards, and beliefs. Knowing who you are lets you live a life that has meaning and gives you focus for your further career path.

  2. Be patient and persistent. Life’s not just about what you accomplish but what you overcome.

  3. Connect with new and interesting people, especially those in fields that interest you. Follow them and see what they get up to — it might give you greater clarity about the job you want.

The man behind the country manager

Managing rentals across the Baltics is no small feat, so we wanted to hear what Eimantas gets up to in his spare time to recharge. 

In terms of books, Eimantas recommends Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones which helps you to create habits for maintaining balance in your life and also Rich Dad Poor Dad which helps you understand how to optimise budgets.

Before 2020, Eimantas was a true globetrotter who loved nothing more than travelling to places near and far. 

But since travel restrictions appeared, Eimantas has been revisiting some older hobbies, including listening to music on a gramophone and getting out into nature on his bicycle!

And asked where he’d see himself in 5 years, Eimantas simply replied, “Celebrating my 9th anniversary at Bolt!”

Want to accelerate your career and achieve more personal growth than ever? If the answer’s ‘yes’, we’d love to hear from you — see our open vacancies today!


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