Your guide to earning more driving this Christmas

December 17, 2018

The festive season is already tapping on our windows and knocking on our doors. To make this truly the most wonderful time of the year, here are a few tips on how you can maximize of your earnings as a driver using Taxify this Christmas.

Contrary to a popular belief that people do nothing more than sit around eating ‘7 colours’ during the holiday season, Christmas is actually a very busy time for Taxify drivers. Endless shopping sprees, company parties and family meet-ups all bring a higher need for rides.

Be smart about when you drive

Though the actual Christmas holidays fall to the beginning of the week this year, it’s clever to start your holiday drives a bit earlier. The weekend before is filled with a lot of last-minute shoppers rushing around the city, trying to get from A to B as easy as possible and waiting for you to come online to help them with that.

PS! To read the graph above: the darker the colour, the higher the demand.

If you wish to have a peek, where and when people actually go to search for gifts, you can find information about the most popular shopping destinations here.

Christmas bonuses

Don’t forget to keep your eye on Christmas bonuses! To do that, go to Active Campaigns view from your driver’s app home screen. From there, you will see the overview of all active campaigns including the details and how many trips you need to make in order to get the bonus from a specific campaign.

Take advantage of the weather

When it rains it pours and the same goes for riders in these weather conditions. During bad weather conditions, the amount of people hailing for a ride grows big time. That’s good news for you, as more clients = bigger income.

On busy days you can also expect more back-to-back rides, so ask your rider if they don’t mind and take advantage of this  great way to optimize your trips, save up on fuel and boost daily earnings.

Spread the spirit

Being friendly and engaging with clients goes a long way. Especially around the holidays. Add a bit of Christmas cheer to your trips by ensuring you are polite and friendly, asking them their preference for temperature in the car or simply by playing classic Christmas songs.


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