We’re offering free rides to Covid-19 vaccination centres near you!

September 15, 2021

Bolt Covid vaccination

At Bolt, we’re committed to ensuring that riders and drivers can move around as safely as possible. Early last year, we launched Bolt Protect — a ride-type that offers extra Covid-19 protection measures, including a plastic sheet separating riders and drivers. 

With vaccinations now available for eligible adults in South Africa, we’re extending our safety efforts to improve access. We’re offering R30 off 2 rides taking you to and from your nearest vaccination centre.

Here’s how to use the code: 

  1. Log in to your Bolt app;
  2. Go to the promotions tab;
  3. Insert the code: “READYSETVAX30”
  4. Get R30 off 2 rides (to and from a vaccination centre).

If you’re not sure where to get vaccinated, check out this list of vaccination sites in South Africa. And please encourage friends and family to download the app if they’re looking for an easier, safer way to get to a vaccination centre.

download the app

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