Stay safe: 7 tips for a pleasant Bolt ride

February 21, 2019

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We know that you rely on Bolt to take you safely from point A to B. Helping people stay safe while riding Bolt is a responsibility that we take seriously. This is why we’ve put together a snapshot of 7 tips to make you feel safer on each ride.

Stay safe before your driver arrives

When you request a ride from Bolt, stay in a safe location until the driver arrives. Avoid dark allies and hanging around street corners-especially at night. Remember that once the driver arrives you will receive a notification so it’s best to stay indoors until you do.

Double check the car and its registration plate

When you a matched with a Bolt driver, you receive information about his name, vehicle model and car plate number from the app. Be sure that the vehicle that arrives is the same one you requested on the app. If anything doesn’t add up, do not get in and make a report to Bolt via the in-app support tab.

Is the person behind the wheel the same as on the profile?

Likewise to checking the car, have a quick look if the person behind the wheel. Is he/she the same person you see in the app? If the answer is no, simply cancel the ride and request another one. No fees will apply if you cancel for this reason.

Buckle In

Always wear a seatbelt! It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the front or back. Also, keep your hands and body parts within the vehicle when the car is in motion and keep calm till you arrive at your destination.

Make sure you know where you’re going

Knowing your destination beforehand can significantly improve your ride experience and reduce your risk of getting lost. Always communicate to your driver if you have a preferred route before you set off. If along the way you want to direct the driver, do not hesitate to.

Keep your loved ones in the loop: share your ETA

With safety in mind, we have a Share My ETA function that appears on the bottom of the app, right under your driver’s profile. You can share your current trip details with trusted friends and family members during every ride. This makes it easier for loved ones to keep track of your journey and know when you’ve arrived.

Read more about how to use the ETA feature in our app from Sharing Your ETA

Keep your personal belongings close

Keep your personal belongings close to you but out of sight. Be wary of using phones in plain sight while stuck in traffic with the windows rolled down. If your personal items are not in use, its safe to keep them zipped up in a bag preferably on the floor or between your feet.

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