Safer journeys — Introducing in-app Rider SOS

December 02, 2020

Rider SOS

At Bolt, we’re committed to providing safer journeys and developing safety features for your protection before, during and after each ride.

We understand that in an emergency, every second counts. Which is why we’ve added an emergency assist button to the Bolt app, allowing you to trigger real-time safety emergency alerts to first responders in the rare event of an on-trip emergency.

This safety button, which works in partnership with Namola — the leading mobile safety and security platform — is located in your Bolt Safety Toolkit and easily accessible from the app’s home screen.

This feature is available at no additional charge to all of our riders and has been automatically added to your app without you needing to update it.

How to use the emergency assist button 

You can access emergency assistance, including ambulance services, the fire brigade, police and armed response through the following steps:

  1. While on a trip, click the green shield icon on the map;
  2. Select the option for emergency assist from the Safety Toolkit window;
  3. Namola will call you within seconds, answer your phone.

N.B. Please always make sure that your location settings are switched on and that your phone number matches the number in the app so that Namola is able to track you and the driver.

Your safety is our highest priority. We will always work tirelessly toward finding effective ways to ensure that you’re protected and supported at all times.

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